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Watch our special web event with Brandon Hollern from Church of the Nativity. They are creatively communicating the gospel to a new generation of Catholics.

A Catholic parish growing in participants who are growing in their faith.

50 -
New visitors a week
on staff

and growing!

Your parishioners face many distractions. Getting them engaged with your parish and growing in their faith is difficult.

That’s why it’s important to take note when you find a fellow church doing well.

Nativity Church is one such church. They make it easy for parishioners to be active in the parish and grow in their faith. They welcome new visitors and quickly involve them in the parish. Thanks to the church’s partnership with Ministry Platform, their team is free to focus on hospitality and personal engagement.

Nativity Church has leveraged technology to create a personalized experience and multiplied their ministry efforts with ease to engage parishioners. Church of the Nativity makes it easy for parishioners to grow and visitors to be welcomed because leaders are better equipped to focus on hospitality and personal engagement.

Strengthen your ministry using the best ideas learned from parishes proving what works. Many parishes and dioceses use MinistryPlatform for giving and sacraments, small groups, missions and outreach, volunteer management, and all communications. It’s all about your people and the one place they can all connect, relate and serve each other and your community.

See what you can do in your parish to achieve what Nativity Church has been able to accomplish. Watch the Church of the Nativity video story!

Watch the Church of the Nativity video story!

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Don't miss it!

Join  Brandon Hollern from Church of
the Nativity ‘live’ in a special web event.

November 17th
1pm EST.

Discover the parish’s ‘behind the scenes’ ways they are engaging their community more personally than ever before. Hear from him personally on what works and what doesn’t. Ask him questions and take away best practices that you know are proven to work.

Save your seat!