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Pointing to God’s Love this Valentine’s Day

John Gilman February 14, 2018

February is traditionally known as the month of love.  Valentine’s Day certainly gives us an opportunity to show those special people in our lives how much we love and care about them.  This day seems very important to people based on a few key spending statistics.  Here are some raw numbers:

•    $13.2 billion – Total amount spent on Valentine’s Day
•    $116 – Average spent by individual consumer on Valentine’s Day
•    196 million – Average number of roses produced for Valentine’s Day

Those numbers are startling and very telling at the same time.  As much focus as there is on love, this provides a great opportunity for churches to show the world God’s love.  Here are five practical ways during the month of February to point people to God and His unconditional love:

1.  Preach a month-long sermon series on God’s love in February.
2.  Plan an outreach effort focused on being a blessing to those in your community.
3.  Plan an event for members and guests where the church ministry takes care of the kids while parents enjoy a date night.
4.  Plan a conference at your church on marriage or spearhead a marriage retreat for sometime later in the year.
5.  Allow your small group Bible study classes to focus on the different types of love Jesus talks about.

Don’t let the month of February pass without using the world’s focus on “love” to tie in to the One who is love.

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