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Blog » 9 Marks of Meaningful Meetings

9 Marks of Meaningful Meetings

People hate meetings. Most organizations don’t meet for fun. They make plans, wrestle with issues, and relay important information. A good meeting is like a good day at the gym, you weren’t excited to go there, it wasn’t fun while it was happening, but you feel good afterwards and you like the results.

1) Don’t blind side people. Send them an agenda. Let them know what’s on the table and what they need to bring.
2) Don’t treat them like robots. Love on your team. Let them see how much care.
3) Don’t forget the good stuff. Start each meeting by giving people a chance to talk about something positive that’s going on in their life or department.
4) Don’t do all the talking. If you’re doing all the talking, you should have sent an email.
5) Don’t assume anything. You’re never as clear as you think you are. Check your team for understanding.
6) Don’t leave things to chance. Assign roles and responsibilities to people. Give clear deadlines for when work should be completed.
7) Don’t forget the brakes. End meetings on time. People have things to do and places to go. Let them know they can leave.
8) Don’t end on a sour note.  People love to complain so don’t give them easy ammunition. If you’ve got something tough to say, don’t let it be the last thing that’s said.
9) Don’t fizzle out. Launch people out into the mission. Leave them with something that inspires or encourages them.

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