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Embracing New Technology

Technology is constantly changing and it can be hard to keep up with. It seems that as soon as you purchase a new cell phone, a newer model is available the very next week. Even though these changes can be intimidating at times, they can also be wonderful.  It’s easier than ever to communicate with others and share photos, send messages, and stay in contact with thousands of people at a time through new technology.

At ACS Technologies, we strive to stay on top of technology trends to provide the best experience for our customers. Using our software, you can use the latest in technology, and do so without feeling overwhelmed. You will find that adapting to new technology is easier than you think, and that it can be a very useful aid in furthering your ministry.

Online Giving

In today’s world, many people enjoy the convenience of giving their charitable contributions online. With online giving, people can give at any time of day or night, and from anywhere that has internet access. For those who don’t carry cash often or who may have forgotten to bring their checkbooks to the worship service, online giving is a great solution. And with online giving, people can continue to give when they are not physically attending church, for instance, when they are on a vacation or are at home with a cold.


Even though email has been around for quite some time, many do not use it to its full capacity. You can send out much of your correspondence in the form of email, from pledge campaign announcements to newsletters. This saves you both money and time. Instead of paying  for postage and spending the time it takes to stuff so many envelopes, you can send your letters via email. You can also use Constant Contact® with ACS People to not only send out your newsletters and announcements, but also your contribution statements. You can search for the individuals who want to receive their statements by email, upload their records to Constant Contact®, then send out secure emails. You can still print out statements for those without email addresses, and those who prefer a hard copy.

Mobile Apps

With mobile apps, you can look up information quickly and while on the go. Church Life, which works with Access ACS, is great for those involved with outreach because you can look up an individual’s phone number and address, and get directions to their home including a map. With The City’s mobile app, you can view updates from friends and groups, check your messages, and view your prayer list. You no longer have to be inside of an office to stay in the loop.

Web-based databases

With products such as Realm, your members will feel empowered and in the know.  They can update their contact information if it’s out-of-date and they can stay informed of upcoming events and announcements. For example, you can set up notifications to let your members know when the youth group’s car wash will be held and you can notify them of cancellations due to inclement weather. They can also add an individual photo and a family photo to their records, and receive email updates from the groups that they are involved in.

The next time you hear about a new mobile device or a new tablet computer, don’t feel intimidated; embrace the new technology. Even though change can be scary, with technology it doesn’t have to be.

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