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Team Member Spotlight

acs technologies employee andrew

This week we are introducing you to Andrew, a Solutions Consultant. He has been a team member at ACS Technologies since 2018. 

Andrew resides in Florence with his wife, kids, two dogs, and two cats. Two of his top personal goals in life are for people to know Christ through knowing him and for his children to have a great education and never be in need. Andrew and his two sisters were adopted. His sisters are both Hispanic. His family helped mold him into being the man he is today — one who respects race and always promotes unity.  If Andrew could change anything in the world it would be how we use social media and the internet. He would love to make it a safer and more positive place. His ideal Saturday includes eating a delicious breakfast (home-cooked or Bojangles) and playing Super Mario Kart or Nintendo Switch with his kids.   

Let’s check out his typical workday, why he loves working for ACST, and his driving passion for the church. 

What does a typical day look like at ACST for you?

That is a great question and probably could have a different answer depending on when you ask me. In a nutshell, I have the pleasure of supporting our sales organization as a trainer as well as partnering alongside them for client demonstrations. There are many other things that fill up my calendar, but those are the two things that I am blessed to be a part of at work.

What do you love most about working at ACST?

I absolutely love the fact that we are a Kingdom-focused company. There aren’t many places where you can live out your faith and be so public about your motivation to do God’s work. It is an absolute honor to partner with ministries to help grow the Kingdom. It also helps that I am a bit of a nerd and absolutely love technology: Jesus + Technology = Happy Andrew.

What is your driving passion for the Church?

Serving churches and serving in my church are two things that I take very seriously. When I’ve had my own struggles in life, it has been the people in my church that I surround myself with that help me through. I have served in many different roles, from Production (backstage), leading Youth Small Groups, and I currently lead a team of volunteers in my church’s Children’s Ministry.

rewarding careers at acs technologies

Being an ACS Technologies Team Member means being part of a family that works hard, plays hard, and always has your back. We love the church! Our passion is to enable churches of all sizes and shapes to build the Kingdom. We are always looking for just the right person to join our team to help us do this even better. If you’re interested in a rewarding career that really makes a difference in people’s lives, click here to read current positions available. If you don’t find just the right one, we encourage you to send in your resume/bio anyway because you never know what’s next as we’re growing all the time.

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