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Renewing Your Vision

Why Church Volunteers Need Background Checks

Throughout ministry, I’ve noticed that many church staff, congregants, and leadership are left questioning what the vision and purpose are for their ministry. Sometimes it may seem like we are all living out our visions inside the church and the growth and movement of our congregation seems stagnant. It’s so important that we all know the church’s vision and makes that a goal we live to achieve daily. 

Helen Keller once said, “The only thing worse than being blind is not having a vision.” What a powerful statement. Having a vision is the key ingredient to success. When we have a vision, it gives us the reason to do what everyone else isn’t willing to do. Vision creates hard work, sure. It also creates determination, purpose, and growth. 

Whether you’re helping fulfill your church’s vision or striving towards your vision for your job, family, and relationships with friends, there has to be a purpose and a plan, and we have to remain consistent towards that purpose and plan.  

So how do we wrap our minds around vision? We start small. Start every day with what you can do. The small things lead to big things, and consistency turns into success. If every day we remind ourselves of the purpose, the work and determination become a little bit more achievable and worthwhile.

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