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Simplify Setting up the Church Budget

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A budget is a must for a healthy church financial plan. It is the roadmap for how your church’s money will be spent throughout the year. Realm church accounting software makes it easy to set up the budget and keep your spending on track. You’re able to easily see your expenses and what’s left in your budget throughout the year. 

Realm allows you to import a CSV file with your budget numbers. You can select to pull over the actual numbers from the previous year, budget numbers from the previous year, or start with a blank budget. The CSV file automatically downloads with the budget information you choose so you can easily update the numbers then import it back in.

Once your budget is imported, you can update it as needed.

When your budget is in Realm and approved, you’ll be able to run the Statement of Activities report to see how your budget compares to your expenses. 

Imagine all of the work you can do for the Kingdom by setting up a plan for His money. Realm makes it easy for you to be a good steward.

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