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Blog » Tools You Need to Communicate Your Ministry’s Value

Tools You Need to Communicate Your Ministry’s Value

Communication methods

Having clear channels of communication between your ministry, members, and community sets a strong foundation for future success. However, times have changed; ministries need 21st-century tools to effectively reach their audience.

Accessing tools like mobile apps for tailored communication and engagement, custom websites, remote service streaming, and responsive email templates are what larger ministries are using today to connect with their members and community. If your ministry is looking for ways to better engage with your congregation, reach your community, and empower your staff or lay leaders, MinistryPlatform is the answer. Let’s look at a few ways MinistryPlatform is helping some of the largest ministries in the country make their members, visitors, and community feel welcomed and loved.

Reach Your Audience with Mobile Apps

Connecting with your audience on a deep level means providing tools that meet them where they are. PocketPlatform, the mobile app built specifically for MinistryPlatform users, streamlines your content management and pulls important information from MinistryPlatform. This means that you’re creating truly dynamic content that is tailored for each person.

Additionally, PocketPlatform also tracks member engagement with real-time analytics no matter if they’re a long-time member or a first-time visitor. You’ll also be providing your membership with integrated giving solutions so they can give anytime, anywhere.

Extend Outside Your Four Walls

As a large ministry, one of your main goals is opening your doors and bringing more people to Him. As you know all too well, it’s hard work. However, having tools that effectively communicate your message while simultaneously integrating with a church management software (ChMS) is a key component.

Ministries who use MinistryPlatform as their chosen ChMS get exactly that. They’ll gain access to remote streaming for services or events so anyone can take part in your ministry from anywhere. They can also build custom websites. And push their content directly to their website through custom widgets, such as mission trip applications, events calendars, group search and sign-up, and so much more.

Templated Communications

Believe it or not, but email is still a very much used form of communication. That’s why MinistryPlatform gives you the option to create robust, stylish emails with the Template Editor Tool.

Create or edit nearly any type of email template you can think of. With simple drag-and-drop formatting for text or images, a responsive email design, and the ability to link YouTube or Vimeo videos directly in the body, MinistryPlatform’s email templates have become the go-to tool for ministries who need to communicate with their people. Best of all, the templates don’t stop at emails; ministries can also use the templates for sending texts, creating newsletters, communicating with first-time guests, and more.

The Right Tool

MinistryPlatform is the ChMS large and growing ministries have chosen when it comes to robust communication tools to bring more to the Kingdom. To learn more about how MinistryPlatform and ACS Technologies can help you find ways to better communicate and engage your members and community, check out our website for more information.

Chris serves as the Vice President of MinistryPlatform. Which provides the most powerful and flexible Church Management System for membership, group involvement, check-scanning, contributions, event management, check-in, and public website integration – including online giving and online event registration. He leads the team finding new ways to help the Church engage with people by using information.

Chris was CEO of Think Ministry / MinistryPlatform before merging with ACS Technologies in April 2021.

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