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Ministry Impact Story: TrueNorth Church, North Augusta, SC

Focus on the Church Body.
TrueNorth Church in N. Augusta, SC, has a vision for a ministry that is focused on the body and not the building.   Lead Pastor, Steven Davis, reminds his team that “We follow the breadcrumbs that God leaves us.” Around 1800 people meet each week at North Augusta High School, although they’re in the process of building a new facility that will be TrueNorth’s permanent home.

They started using The City two years ago when their Children’s Ministry experienced tremendous growth, after switching from a different administrative software that wasn’t user friendly. Before The City, they hand wrote everyone’s name and then manually entered them into their database. They realized they needed to free their people from writing down kids’ names so they could focus on meeting kids’ needs.

The City in Action.
Here are just a few of the ways they use The City to release their church for ministry.

Student Weekends: They are using a 21st century technology to unlock the gift of hospitality, one of the church’s most apparent spiritual gifts. Each year, hundreds of students come for summer camp. The church finds people to work the camp and host homes for the teens who come to experience this life changing event. It’s not always easy to find people willing to open their homes, but they are out there. This last year they decided to target people using The City with the gift of hospitality, and in 15 minutes they had enough people to fill their needs.

Daphne Brown, Children’s Ministry Director, said, “Two huge needs came up last minute. I posted on The City and within minutes the needs were met and we had extra people to call the next day when needs arose. We are so thankful to have a tool that allows people to respond so quickly!”

Adopt-A-Blocks and the Christmas Bash: One of TrueNorth’s favorite events is their annual Christmas Bash. They promote it early and often throughout their community and in their Adopt-a-Block neighborhoods. The Adopt-a-Blocks all use different methods to build relationships in their community. During their Christmas Bash, they bus people in from the different communities for their last service, provide a meal, and open a store for them on campus for the parents to buy quality gifts at low prices for their children. All toys in the store are donated by church members and all the money raised by their sale goes directly back into the communities. It’s a huge undertaking run by volunteers, and managed by The City. These volunteers run everything: manning security, running craft tables, translating, serving food, running game booths, and supervising giant inflatables.

The City fits their Vision.
They use The City to target people whose gifts meet the needs of their different initiatives. It helps leaders organize events that reach people. The City helps people find a place to serve and shifts the load from the few to the many. People who’ve never volunteered to serve are now able to get to work. When people know what’s needed, they get involved.

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