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At ACS Technologies, our interns work on real projects that impact thousands of churches across the country…and beyond. We don’t view our Internship Program as merely a résumé-builder. Instead, our interns have the opportunity to make meaningful and lasting contributions and gain valuable experience by working alongside our talented, ministry-minded team. We’re invested in helping you succeed, all while having some fun along the way!


“Working alongside professional developers at ACS Technologies has given me hands-on experience and the chance to learn beyond the classroom. The people I work with are fun and the company is invested in helping me succeed.”

Software Developer Intern
Interned Fall 2015

“The Internship Program at ACS Technologies helped me further my skills in web development all while I was attending college. I’ve been here as a Web Service Representative for 6 years now and each day is fun and rewarding.”

Web Service Representative
Interned Spring 2009

“As an intern, I was given the opportunity to work with an experienced team of Software Architects and Engineers on real projects that helped thousands of churches. After my internship, I was brought on to the ACS Technologies team as a full-time Software Developer – I love working with ministry-minded people at a company that continually invests in me.”

Software Developer
Interned Spring 2015

“Each day at ACS Technologies, I have the opportunity to make a difference in churches all over the country. My internship here not only jumpstarted my career, but made me realize my passion for helping people solve problems. At the end of each day, I can say I helped churches further their ministries and there’s nothing better than that.”

Customer Support Representative
Interned Summer 2011


Our internships are available year round and run for at least 12 weeks. We expect our interns to devote as many hours as possible to their internship in order to fully experience and contribute to the work. We look for interns in these areas:

Developers (Web & Mobile)

You’ll be placed in an Agile team and put to work immediately coding innovative applications for our customers. You’ll flex your coding muscles on a daily basis and be challenged by your team to solve problems and come up with creative solutions that serve our customers.


You’ll solve problems and work on state of the art equipment that keeps the company and our customers up and running – a big responsibility!

Need more incentive to join the ACS Technologies team? We have offices in Florence, SC; Greenville, SC; Seattle, WA; and Phoenix, AZ. Other perks include awesome coworkers, relaxed dress code, walking trail, basketball goal, community service opportunities, and a wellness center complete with onsite yoga, bootcamp classes, and nurse practitioner to keep you feeling great.

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Whether online, offline, or wireless, the passion that drives ACS Technologies is maximizing technology's value for ministry. We provide management solutions to nearly 50,000 faith-based organizations with focused development and service efforts in 6 key areas: megachurches, medium/large churches, and small churches, organizations, schools, and the Catholic market. With leading brands Realm, ACS, PDS, The City, and HeadMaster, ACS Technologies enables churches to manage every vital area of their ministry from finances to relationships, from events and groups to giving and serving.

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