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Ministry tools for everyone in your church.

The City facilitates communication, connects people together, and engages them in ministry.

The City is a private online community that connects to any church membership database, like ACS. By connecting The City to ACS, you can create an online community that’s in sync with your membership database. The City enables people in your church to update their own profiles, join groups, give online, build relationships, and find new ways to connect and do ministry together.

Communication is the key to a healthy church.

  • Connect on a personal level.

    Personally connect with more people than you could on a busy Sunday morning. See what’s going on in their life and encourage them in meaningful ways.

  • Assimilation is easier than ever.

    Visitors can easily get plugged into the right process and right group, especially when neighborhood leaders have the ability to reach out and connect with people near them.

  • Everyone can reach anyone.

    Ministry tools are not just for your staff anymore. Enable your whole church to care for people on your behalf, instead of your staff trying to do it all themselves.

  • Never miss another opportunity to share life with someone.

    When someone is questioning or reaching out for help, you want your church to be there for them. Create an inviting environment where people can share personal experiences.

  • Send messages to people and groups throughout the week.

    Keep your conversations going. Post church-wide announcements, contact people directly, or send specific messages to private groups like governing bodies or elders.

  • Keep your church small, no matter what size it is.

    People can sometimes feel lost in the shuffle. No matter how big you are, personal connections are what you need to foster an attentive, small-feeling church.

  • Equip your whole church for ministry.

    ACS and The City are a perfect combination. You need to inform church staff by giving them access to vital information, but you also need a safe way for your church body to communicate and connect with each other. The City integrates with ACS to give you the best of both.

    Getting Started

    With an average adoption rate of over 90%, The City is the most effective church engagement software available. The City naturally integrates with ACS People and ACS Contributions, so the technical parts are pretty simple. Once that is in place, information will be kept in sync between your ChMS and The City. Here's how a typical launch plan works:

    1. Connect your ChMS to The City.
      1 week for ACS (2-3 weeks other ChMSs)

    2. Pilot it with a few key groups.
      Anywhere from 3-5 months

    3. Invite everyone to start using it.
      6 months

    Inform your staff and connect your congregation by adding The City to ACS or your existing church membership database today.

  • Popular Features

    The City helps everyone in your church stay engaged in daily life and ministry. It's a group-oriented communication tool that's all about helping your church build deeper community and extend the love of Christ to the world.

    • Browse activity updates and latest news
    • Post messages for groups or individuals
    • View upcoming events and register online
    • Give online and review giving history
    • Create or join groups
    • Manage your family’s profile and contact info
    • Find opportunities to serve
    • Share prayer requests
    • Share photos of church events
    • Post employment opportunities for the unemployed
    • Publish housing and personal needs to enlist help
    • Read the Bible online and keep a personal journal
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Clients of ACS Technologies using both The City and ACS will benefit from a 25% discount on The City monthly fees. This discount is also applied to The City Giving and Children's Ministry modules.

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