We are called to go out to all people.





For the good of all in the community that need help. For those that are lonely, tired, sick, and without care. For those with care and no physical need. For everyone in need of a relationship with Jesus Christ. This is why we exist. The Catholic Church is emphasizing and encouraging us all to embrace the ‘New Evangelization’ as first described by Pope John Paul II and reaffirmed as a missionary impulse from Pope Francis. In this, we the Church need to keep our eyes from looking down and inwardly focused as a culture to looking ahead and out, becoming ever more a true hospitality culture of love for all humanity.

We can help.

  • MissionInsite provides you with demographic, socioeconomic, and religious beliefs and preferences data so you can see who is in need in your community or who may be a fit for your church so you can extend your ministry to them. 
  • Missions and outreach are great ways to evangelize within your community. Identify areas of need by looking at the income and family makeup of people in your community. For example, you can identify an area of families with low income and host a clothing drive. 
  • By evaluating the religious beliefs and preferences of people in your surrounding area, you can identify people or families who are a fit for your parish so you can invite them to attend Sunday mass or a parish event. 
  • From visitors to members, keeping people engaged is crucial to continued evangelism in your parish.  MinistryPlatform allows you to see where everyone is based on their engagement, and your parish can see a complete view of engagement by engagement levels.
  • Communication capabilities in MinistryPlatform allow you to reach people in several ways so engagement isn’t limited to Sunday mass. You can send an email to visitors inviting them back, or post scripture or other content specific to each parishioner in a mobile app.
  • Evangelization is challenging to do correctly and effectively. After all, eternal lives are at stake. In MinistrySmart Academy, we provide you and your entire team with a dedicated curriculum on the best evangelism you can do for the maximum impact on the Kingdom.
  • Train yourself and your team and learn at your own pace.
  • Target focused areas of education needed by staff role.
  • Parish Life allows parishes to post news and events to an online parishioner portal, continuing engagement throughout the week. Parishes can also send multiple forms of communication to generate further engagement such as letters or emails via the integration with Constant Contact

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"MinistryPlatform is a great evangelizing tool for us to stay in touch with people."

Janet Payton

Pastoral Associate

"ACST makes my job easier by giving me the information that I need. It helps us bring in a diversity of people and break them down by nationality and religion."

Guadalupe Mosqueda



Catholic Parish Brief


Catholic Parish Brief

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