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Giving tools to increase donations and maximize impact

Intuitive giving for your
contributors and staff

Our giving solutions provide the digital giving tools you need, such as online, mobile app, and text giving, to enable contributors to give when they need to from where they are in the way they prefer.

Provide giving options

Remove barriers that may prevent contributors from making a gift to your ministry by providing multiple ways to give and convenient giving options, such as setting up recurring gifts, covering processing costs, splitting gifts to multiple funds within one transaction, and saving their payment methods for quicker giving in the future.

Run effective campaigns

Campaigns drive your major ministry goals, but you need to run them effectively and efficiently for maximum success. Online pledging and pledge tracking allows you to promote your campaign, accept pledges, and report campaign progress.

Acknowledge your contributors

Communication tools combined with our giving solutions ensure you’re able to thank contributors for their generosity, as well as target specific giving groups for tailored messaging.

Analyze giving trends

Remove blinders in making decisions around campaigns, financial projects, and more as you dig into the giving trends within your church and find the ways your givers prefer to give, who gives the most or least, top giving times throughout the year, and more.

Giving Solutions to support your ministries.

ACS Technologies strives to build giving solutions that increase your donations to help you reach your ministry goals. To explore our giving software options, please visit one of our brands:

Realm eGiving fuels your ministry by offering multiple giving options to fully accommodate your congregation’s needs.

PDS Abundant makes it easier for your parishioners to give and for your parish staff to manage all of your donations.

ACS Abundant provides multiple giving options for your congregation and tools for your staff to better manage tithes and offerings.

MP eGiving is the preferred giving integration for MinistryPlatform, with real-time transaction updates and a streamlined giving experience for your contributors.


Giving powers your church to continue ministry and outreach efforts. Like many, your efforts to reach people for the Kingdom of God continue to increase, which has you wondering how you can increase giving to better support those efforts. Consider how you are allowing donors to give to your church. Offer intuitive and familiar giving options, such as online giving, text-to-give, and mobile app giving. Include how your members and visitors can give in weekly bulletins, worship slides, newsletters, and any other regular communication channels. Feature giving on your church’s website so it is easy for donors to find how to give. Don’t stop with how to give. Communicate where tithes and offerings go so your donors can see the impact their donations make.

The Bible is filled with scriptures about giving. Check out Tithing Scriptures in the Bible to read more about what the Bible says about tithes and offerings.

Giving is not only a vital part of your ministry, but a large part of the Christian walk as we are called to give a portion of what God has given us. Your church should encourage faithful giving as it is an important part of your members’ discipleship journeys. Read Tithing and Offering Messaging Ideas to see how you can step into your donors’ minds and talk about giving in an impactful and meaningful way.

Start by looking at the options for online giving with your church management software. Some church management software allows you to turn on online giving and start the merchant application process through the software itself. Once your merchant application is submitted, you’ll receive a notification that you can start using online giving once your account is live. Then, add your giving link to your website and promote your new giving ways to your church.

What our ministry partners are saying

“It’s phenomenal to be able to manage cash flow when giving is online and particularly when it’s automated with Realm.”


Executive Director of Finance

I like the online giving option because our members can make it part of their weekly budget or monthly budget. It’s not “reach in your pocket and see what kind of change you have.”


Finance and HR Director