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Energize Community Stewardship with Favorite Activities

Jan Jasmin December 1, 2016

Knowing where your congregation’s interests lie is an important part of the generosity equation. When you’re asking them to volunteer their time, contribute money or take part in community outreach programs, you’ll get a greater and more committed response when you ask them to do something they enjoy. Learning the activities and hobbies that are most popular with your congregation takes time and effort, but is very useful in building programs that attract maximum involvement and generosity. For example, if more than half of your congregation enjoys running or walking, then sponsoring a road race or fun run/walk is an ideal way to raise money and encourage attendance. It also gives the community an opportunity to learn more about your church and its ministry in a more casual atmosphere.

In a study of more than 1,000 churchgoers conducted by Vanco, congregants listed activities they most liked to participate in outside of church. Their responses provided some great ideas to create programs promoting congregational involvement in expanding the ministry. We’ve shared these ideas in our infographic, 5 Activities that Will Energize Your Members and Serve Your Community. You can take a closer look at your congregation’s specific activities and interests using a short survey we developed along with a special companion piece that will guide you through conducting the survey and comparing your results with our national study.
Once you’ve discovered and decided what programs to offer, you’ll need to promote them. Different types of media appeal to different people and using multiple social channels will help to make sure you are getting the word out. From what our survey participants shared when asked about communication preferences, we found that the largest majority are getting information online, especially from their smartphones. Those findings suggest it might be best to use all of the online channels at your disposal. Promoting activities and events on your website and your Facebook page are great but it also helps to reach out with emails and texts. We hope these tips help you attract maximum involvement and community engagement fueling the impact and growth of your ministry.

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