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25 Fundraising Ideas for Churches: Coin Challenges and More

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As part of our series of 25 fundraising ideas for churches, we’re sharing ways – big and small – that you can impact your church’s development program. Today’s concept is small – and minimal, but it can lead to more significant gifts through developing giving habits and deepening passions for mission.

We all know that pocket change (and even cash!) is starting to go by the wayside. Many people have stopped carrying change or money at all. They simply get annoyed and dump it in a jar or drawer at home. However, many parents still use coins and cash to teach kids about money and finance. And the truth is, we all know how quickly that jar of loose change adds up. Kids especially can be blown away by how much money is in that jar of loose coins…and they love guessing.

Consider leveraging these concepts into a fundraising campaign or dedicated offering in your church. A loose coin offering opportunity does two things: 

  1. It opens up giving opportunities to those who might not otherwise have the means – especially young children; and 
  2. It creates a pathway for nearly anyone to give and feel good about contributing to a project.

Some ministries and churches do a weekly coin offering – or have a jar set up in a dedicated place – for one mission project the whole year. If you take this approach, consider giving updates on the progress or adding a thermometer so people can see the offerings adding up. 

Other churches change the recipient or project that benefits from the coin-offering opportunity. Still, others use this as a vehicle for raising funds for their VBS service project, a concept we’ll talk about in a future blog. I’ve also seen organizations and churches do a friendly competition to see what class or group can bring in the most weight/value/number of coins.

No matter how you choose to structure a coin challenge or loose change offering, the most important rule is to communicate. Talk about it often, launch it with intention, and keep it on people’s radars. Tell the story of the project you’re funding and look for ways to share the goal and the progress along the way.  People (especially kids!) will need regular reminders to bring their coins or loose change with them to your services. We hope these ideas are helping you think of creative ways to build a culture of giving in your church, even among the youngest congregants. Our partnership with ACST enables us to come alongside churches looking for help in growing their donor commitments.

Tim Smith

Tim has over 30 years of experience in Church, Non-Profit Administration, Management, and Fund Development.  Serving as an Executive Pastor and Chief Development Officer in growing Churches and Non-Profit Organizations. He has provided a wide range of expertise and resources. Tim serves as the Founder and CEO of  Non-Profit DNA. A boutique firm committed to helping nonprofits and churches. By building their capacity through fundraising, leadership, team building, staff recruiting, and coaching.

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