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Blog » 8 Ways Your Church Can Thrive Working Remotely in Ministry

8 Ways Your Church Can Thrive Working Remotely in Ministry

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There comes a time in the life of many churches or ministries when world events, company logistics, or personal preference requires that its staff and its people work and worship from home. As a result, church leaders are constantly seeking ways to connect with their members throughout the week when they are not physically in the church building.

Ideally, we would like to do ministry in person, but circumstances creating the need for remote ministry occasionally become inevitable. Despite requiring some adjustments, these times of remote ministry are made possible through technology and can be meaningful, creating deep interactions that produce lasting relationships.

ACS Technologies’ newest product, Realm®, makes working remotely easy and effective. In fact, some of our clients find their time doing remote ministry to be a catalyst for more successful in-person ministry when people return to church on the weekend or when the unusual times return to normal. Realm offers a wide variety of products that meet every need of the church and its people in easy-to-use features for people of all ages and computing ability.

Here are just 8 of the many ways that Realm can be an excellent resource to your church or ministry when conditions or your environment require you and your ministry team to work remotely.

  1.     Realm’s Groups feature allows you to have “live” Bible study discussions with multiple users when they can’t gather together for an in-person study. Send out questions and gather the answers for a dynamic discussion online or on the Realm Connect app. A bonus? You can schedule the Bible study through Realm®’s Events feature!
  1.     The Realm Connect app can provide a place for those who need practical help to list the necessities they lack and connect with people who can help meet their physical needs. Church leaders can set up the system, and the users can easily navigate their way through the app to make sure everyone has what they need in times of crisis. The app can also coordinate drop off and pick up times for the collection and distribution of items that will be convenient for all the parties involved. 
  1.     Realm Pathways is a great way to develop discipleship opportunities that will walk people through the church’s already-established programming. This feature is designed for an unlimited amount of people and for an unlimited amount of pathways to take people through a highly individualized shepherding process of spiritual growth and development
  1.     Contributions allows people to continue their planned and spontaneous giving to the church whenever is convenient for them. During unusual times, financial needs often grow larger. The church can use the Contributions feature to share the latest needs, collect funds, and then let people know the status of their annual giving with the push of a button. Just because people aren’t meeting together at the church doesn’t mean you can’t encourage them to give.
  1.     Realm Check-in is a widely used feature that gives the church leaders a great way to be in touch with their members as they attend church services or online events and meetings. Through the Registration and Event Management features, church leaders can track the attendance of remote programming to see its effectiveness and follow up with people once in-person meetings become possible again. This can all be done simply and easily through the Connect app by any level of computing user.
  1.     Communication becomes a church leader’s best friend during times of remote ministry. Keep your churchwide feed up-to-date with the latest news and most relevant information, announcements, and communication your people will need while operating remotely. The information will be pushed directly to anyone who is using the app. They will never again miss an announcement, and they will feel well-connected even in times when personal interaction is minimal. 
  1.     Realm Events is a favorite of most users. With it, church leaders can create special events that are video-based or text-based, with special speakers or all your people’s beloved staff members. You can provide a space for online conferences and seminars, all while managing RSVPs and registration fees through Realm Events. Event management is easy through the Connect app and other online features. You may never host another in-person event again!
  1.     Integrated Accounting will be an essential one to have on-hand during your time of remote ministry. Have a team of volunteer accountants and bookkeepers on call from home to manage budgets and expenses during remote operation, prepare board reports, and prepare materials for auditors. There is no reason for your church to fall behind in its fiscal responsibilities during a community shut down. Use technology to stay on top of the finances and meet your financial obligations with ease while working remotely.

Realm is there to make remote ministry an easy way to propel your church family forward when you can’t meet together personally. Discipleship, fellowship, financial responsibility, and communication can all remain at the high standards your congregation expects even when the world around us faces uncertainty and turmoil. Use the advancements the Lord has given us to build His Kingdom effectively in new and creative ways if your staff is working remotely.

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