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Blog » 9 Steps for Planning a Great Fall Church Event

9 Steps for Planning a Great Fall Church Event

9 Steps for Planning a Great Church Event

Easy steps for a simply great church event

Every church has events. And every church has had experience with great events and not-so-great events. So how can you ensure your church event is a success? Follow these 9 steps to event success! And enjoy our fun video recap of these steps!

  1. Schedule your event far enough out to ensure success.
    1. Be sure the facilities are available.
    2. Check on the schedules of volunteers and vendors involved.
    3. Ensure you have time to promote your event.
  2. Determine your audience.
    1. Stay focused on your audience when determining:
      1. Date and time
      2. Food
      3. Entertainment and activities
      4. Childcare
      5. Event and Church Volunteer Security
      6. Set-up
  3. Create a description of the event. 
    1. Write down everything that will happen and create a schedule.
    2. Outline all the reasons someone should attend your event.
    3. Be sure to reference this once you start promoting your event.
  4. Create a list of your needs:
    1. Food and drinks
    2. Games
    3. AV equipment
    4. Table and chairs
    5. Trash requirements
    6. Volunteer positions
  5. Assign worker positions:
    1. Greeters
    2. Setup and teardown teams
    3. Security
    4. Food prep
    5. AV staff
    6. Booth, games, and activity workers
    7. Emcee, DJ, etc.
  6. Collect contact information from attendees.
    1. Set up a check-in system.
    2. Include a sign-in sheet at the entrance.
    3. Collect email addresses for notification of future events.
  7. Promote the event using:
    1. Announcements
    2. Bulletins
    3. Social media
    4. Signage
    5. Website 𑁋Create a specific web page you can link to, and add a contact link for questions or volunteer recruitment.
  8. Provide your attendee’s ways to get involved.
    1. Announce details of the next event.
    2. Promote your worship service.
  9. Follow up with attendees.
    1. Post pictures on social media and your web page. 
      1. Be sure to request permission to post photos (especially for children).
    2. Reach out to everyone you collected contact information from promptly.

Remember, the main point of every event should be to make connections!

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