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Blog » A Big Thanks to Those We Serve!

A Big Thanks to Those We Serve!

Attending NACBA in Orlando this past week was a real treat!  More than half of the registrants are our customers, and we enjoyed hearing their success stories with our software.  For instance, as I was talking with a current customer about the possibility of implementing online giving, her friend came by and shared his experience since implementing online giving shortly after returning from last year’s NACBA in Long Beach.  What is his story? In less than one year, his ministry is receiving over 20% of their $5.2 million budget online!  He shared that it was like having an extra Sunday every month.
On another occasion, I was in the booth talking with a prospective client.  Seeing several waiting to speak with us, I asked the next person if they used ACS Technologies’ software.  Affirming that they did, I asked if they would share with this prospective client their experiences with us as a company.  After a glowing recommendation, I asked the next person in line to also share their experience.  Again, I heard a glowing recommendation.  I was so humbled to not only work for such a great company, but to be able to serve such grateful people who are inspired by ministry.
Now, don’t get me wrong.  We are far from perfect and we are constantly striving to meet the expectations of our customers.  But it sure makes it easy with such affirmation to get up each day and rise to the task!  I would like to extend a big thank you to our customers for such enthusiasm and kindness!

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