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Implementing Online Giving During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Fundraising is Proclaiming What We Believe

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By now, your response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) is a daily topic among your church staff. You have worked to get a communications plan in place for your church, as well as provide tools for your congregation to continue being faithful to your church and its ministries.

Realm’s integrated online giving solution provides multiple ways for your congregants to continue being faithful with their gifts during COVID-19. It is also easy to set up and begin using even if you are working from home. Check out the benefits of using online giving through Realm below.

Congregants can give whenever they want from wherever they are.

Realm’s eGiving solution allows your congregation to give using debit, credit, or ACH through text, the Connect mobile church app, and online. 

Your congregants can use the Connect app to not only give but also see their giving history as well as set up recurring gifts. Guests who may not have a Realm login can still give to your church through an online giving form or through text.

Use giving forms to promote COVID-19 relief funds.

During crisis events, churches are finding ways to continue being the hands and feet for Christ. But to do ministry and provide for your community, you need to be able to raise money to support those efforts.

Realm gives you the ability to create customized giving forms for specific funds and missions. You can create a customized giving form for your COVID-19 relief fund and embed that form on your website or share that link out to your congregation through Realm and social media. 

Implement online giving through Realm from home.

Working from home doesn’t have to be a roadblock to providing what your church family needs to do ministry. You can set up online giving directly through Realm; you only need a computer and internet service. This video will walk you through the steps to get started.

Be sure to include online giving options in any of your church’s communications including social media posts, videos, and live-streamed services so your members know there are ways for them to continue supporting your ministry. You can find giving resources ready to share here

Online giving isn’t just beneficial during a crisis time like the coronavirus pandemic. Vanco, our online giving partner, conducted a survey and discovered 22% online contributors make donations to their churches two or three times a month. And, 39% of online church contributors give weekly (compared to 34% of traditional givers).* Implementing online giving through Realm allows your congregation to continue supporting your church while your church continues supporting the church family and community.

*Source: 2019 Vanco Churchgoer Giving Study

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9 thoughts on “Implementing Online Giving During the COVID-19 Pandemic”

  1. Avatar for Randy Prouty

    I think VANCO should reduce their rates during this national crisis. I see that PayPal is making concessions. If they were smart, they would see that would increase their volume and it would carry on beyond the crisis.
    Everyone should do their part and not see this as an opportunity to take advantage and reap benefits from this disaster.

      1. Avatar for Rachel Ankers

        Hi Ruth. We are offering several discounted and free software options at the moment. If you reach out to us at, we’d be happy to walk you through our options for implementing online giving.

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