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It’s That Time of Year

Yesterday morning I had a bag on my kitchen counter piled full of containers of marshmallow fluff. Since it isn’t December I wasn’t making fudge, so it could only mean one other thing. It’s Vacation Bible School time! Our church is hosting the children this week for a week of fun filled and God centered activities on “Main Street”. This is my four year old son’s first adventure in to the world of VBS.
I can still vividly remember the gym of my home church being turned in to the streets of Jerusalem and making peanut butter play-doh. My son wasn’t so sure about this foreign experience, but we convinced him to give it a try. Once he saw one of his buddies, who attends another church (isn’t it great how the doors are open), he knew no matter what he’d have fun.
In years past, there was a little sign up form in the bulletin that you could drop in the church office or collection plate. No need for that with our event registration solution. Now, you can just make an announcement to go to the website and look for the VBS information (on the home page where there is a catchy graphic, I’m sure…).
Parents can easily sign up their children and even their best friend from another church. With our event registration solution, you can gather all of the sign up details.  If you are charging any fees, you can allow for credit card entry, or you can have it be for free.

Of course, it was a memorable morning. His highlights were eating gold coins and singing songs.  His “Nana” and I asked him if they sang “This Little Light of Mine” or “Deep and Wide”.

Apparently we are quite outdated. He brought home a CD of the music of the week. As we played it, he danced and sang to songs we were not familiar with that had an upbeat and current rhythm. He was thrilled, though. So maybe some things don’t stay EXACTLY the same…

It makes me happy to know he is at the church having the experience of VBS. He was looking forward to the “special special snack” that they had promised today and more art activities.

I know many of you have a part of  your summer devoted to Vacation Bible School whether involved with hosting it at your church or sending a child or grandchild to attend. As we all celebrate the turning of the calendar to June, I wish you all a happy summer and a joyful VBS!

(I’m not totally sure how they are using all the marshmallow fluff, but I’m sure it will be tasty!)

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  1. Avatar for Catherine

    We would LOVE to use AccessACS for event registration, but particularly for community events, we find that our participants balk at having to create an account to register. Crazy, right? Events that were defined through AccessAcs received 2-3 responses over weeks changed to 30+ a few days later when we changed it to a feedback form that did not require an account.
    While I wish that it were different, I wonder if AccessACS could consider an enhancement to event registration to allow registration without an account.
    Thanks for the services that you continue to offer for our church, Catherine

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