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Using Tech to Manage Your Church Small Groups

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Regardless of your denomination or church background, every church has groups within the body. Whether it be the more traditional style Sunday school groups, the more modern small groups, or even serving teams, Realm Groups is right for you. Groups within Realm allow for consistency and efficiency in developing and maintaining many different types of ministry groups. Here are 6 reasons Realm Groups are beneficial for both you and your congregation: 

  1. It’s user-friendly. Because of this perk, leaders within your congregation can easily navigate in Realm and find pertinent information they need. 
  2. It helps you stay organized. The Groups function allows for extreme organization of group information, pictures, and even members. 
  3. It makes communication easy. Within the Groups tab, both participants and leaders can communicate important information regarding events, activities, and Bible studies. They can use the communication tools within their Group to discuss who is bringing what dish for the next big party or when an event is canceled due to the weather. Serving teams can be notified of any big changes and kept up-to-date with all notifications. 
  4. It keeps contact info in one place. Realm allows each participant to be listed within that group for the other participants and leaders to see their designated information. 
  5. It helps you stay up-to-date. Important announcements and events can be posted and communicated with a group. 
  6. It lets you take attendance. Realm Groups allows for attendance taking, which in turn allows for leaders to make sure no one falls through the cracks if they don’t attend a group regularly. 

Realm Groups is easy and convenient to learn and use. Begin implementing this process sooner rather than later to make life easier and more productive for you, your leaders, and the rest of your congregation. 

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