Belonging leads to believing. Believing leads to discipleship.





Participation in parish life is a leading indicator of a person’s faith journey. Making disciples, inspiring witnesses, being welcoming and hospitable, doing social good, and giving of time, talent, and treasure is all helping tell the Good News. The more people that are engaged means the more people that are growing in their relationship with Christ. Whether it’s an activity in ministry assignments (Eucharistic minister, lector, bible study leader, etc,) or attending events (bible study, men’s group, mission weekend, etc,) or prayer, adoration, and Mass attendance, it all builds together to create thriving relationships, abundant outreach, and more devout believers.

We can help.

  • MinistryPlatform’s advanced engagement tracking shows you how involved your parishioners are. You can also see how they are engaging, such as giving, event attendance, or small group participation.
  • Not only does MinistryPlatform allow you to see parishioner engagement, but you can set engagement levels, such as partially engaged or lapsed and the accompanying criteria, and the system will automatically update their status when something changes. You can take action by assigning tasks to staff, such as emailing or calling a parishioner, to re-engage or further engage someone. 
  • Parish Life allows parishes to post news and events to an online parishioner portal, continuing engagement, throughout the week. Parishes can also send multiple forms of communication to generate further engagement, such as letters or emails via the integration with Constant Contact.
  • In today’s overbusy world, engagement is a challenge. But, it has never been easier to master. In MinistrySmart Academy, expert instructors lead courses on the best ways to engage with your parishioners and community. Let the ones who’ve learned how to do it show you how to do it. 
  • Train yourself and your team and learn at your own pace.
  • Target focused areas of education needed by staff role.
  • MissionInsite is a powerful resource available to inform and inspire your diocesan planning efforts.   The system leverages multiple data sources such as Experian and the US Census to provide insights into community demographic information and the proprietary study of religious beliefs and preferences shows you where the unchurched are in your community .  Through the use of MissionInsite, diocesan and parish leaders gain knowledge to better focus ministries, bring people to God, and foster the journey to personal discipleship.
  • With MissionInsite,  you have access to granular information about your area from the demographic or the socio-economic makeup to the faith involvement of potential parishioners so you can best tailor your ministry efforts to your community.
  • Understand how your community is evolving with trend data in MissionInsite. You will have access to historical as well as projected population information and a breakdown of race, culture, or lifestyle groups so you have confidence in planning for the future. 

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"Especially as a large institution, we need ways of being able to keep track of people. We need a way of managing things so people don't slip through the cracks. That’s when we found MinistryPlatform."

Janet Payton

Pastoral Associate

"Staff members were able to learn quickly, and it has been wonderful! We've also started using Pathways for our event coordination."

Caroline Bates


Catholic Parish Brief


Catholic Parish Brief

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