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QR Codes for the Church – More Tools and Tips

Between July and December of 2010, QR codes usage increased a whopping 1200%, and in June 2011 alone, 14 million people scanned QR codes on their phones. Smart devices such as a smart phone, iPod Touch, and iPad can read QR codes. The device must have scanning (camera) capabilities, internet access, and an app called a QR reader, available through app stores. Most QR reader apps are free for download. With so many people using smart phones, most technology experts predict QR code usage will continue to increase.

Santa’s not the only one with a list

Think of what can be done and needs to be done in the software for this time of year. Make your list and check it twice! Look through the Constant Contact holiday designs for any festive templates for special communications. Make sure your published calendars are up to date. Set up any special events that need to allow for sign ups. Create any special holiday funds for Online Giving.

Network with other church staffers (without going far)

Diana Query, the business administrator at Belin Memorial United Methodist Church in Murrels Inlet, S.C., has decades of experience that help her with her job. But she still sees big value in connecting with other locals who use the same church management software she uses. That’s why she decided to host an ACS Technologies User Group at her church.
“As a user, you look at the applications differently than you do in a situation where you’re selling it and providing customer service—and I’ve been on both sides,” she said.

How to: Help Create a More Perfect Product

If we want to meet our clients’ software needs, we have to have ongoing relationships and truly be concerned about their visions. We need to understand issues from the client’s point of view—not from ours.
There are several ways R&D connects with users to gather data for changes, enhancements, updates, and features.

You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know (Unless You Know)

With something as important as your church management software, it seems to me that it’s worth taking the time to figure out what you don’t know. There are many ways to get information about what your ACS Technologies solutions are capable of. Here are four ideas for trying to stay in the loop.