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How to Make Sense of Your Congregation

How to Make Sense of Your Congregation

Today’s church has so many moving pieces. You have events, online giving, you’re tracking discipleship and planning worship services, and so much more. But all too often, churches have found themselves using basic tools for membership record management.  Having ways to record names, birthdates, and addresses is certainly important, but there’s so much more your church could be tracking.  

Whether your church calls them records, profiles, a membership database, or something else, one thing remains true: your church needs ways to make sense of all the people who interact with your church on a daily basis.

But what does the right profile management software look like, anyway?

Churches who use Realm Church Management are getting so much more than simply a way to record their congregation. Through Realm Profiles, they’ve gained a tool that summarizes each individual’s journey with their church. Let’s take a look at how you can use Realm Profiles to help make sense of your ministry.

By visiting any profile in Realm, you’ll immediately see all of the necessary contact and personal information for that individual. You’ll also notice that church background checks can be run on any individual whenever the need arises.  

As a staff member, you can customize what fields are shown here.  Do you need to add another phone number or an additional address? You can do it all right here. In fact, staff can customize up to 75 unique profile fields for anything you need.  From allergies, to t-shirt sizes, to favorite ice creams, if it’s important to your ministry, you can track it in Realm Profiles.  For congregants in your church sensitive about Church data security and privacy and privacy, all information found on Realm Profiles is always private unless that individual wants others in the church to see their information.

However, there’s so much more to Realm Profiles.  Not only do you see a clear snapshot of their information, their family, their background check status, and other information, you have direct access to their overall engagement in your church.  Easily see all the church groups they’re participating in now or in the past.  If church events are a big part of your church, you’ll be able to access their event history including all the future events they’ve registered for as well as any past events they’ve attended.  

View the Realm Pathways tab to check out where they are in their journey of discipleship with your church, or add them to a new discipleship track.  As they grow in their faith, you’ll see those changes on their profile. You’ll also get direct access to their serving teams, skills and interests, or any serving preferences so you always have the most current information and they can get plugged in with volunteer opportunities.

From giving, to events, to volunteer management, and more, you’ll have so much information about your congregation all on one screen.  With Realm Profiles, you’re not just getting tools for better database management; you’re getting a solution to document the lives of your congregation as they grow with your church.
Click here to find out more about how Realm can help you make sense of your congregation with Realm Profiles.

David is an Associate Product Marketing Manager and has been an ACS Technologies team member since 2011. 

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