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Know your church family with detailed profiles

Share this information with others in your church.

Know more about the people in your church.

Learn How Profile Management in Realm can Help Your Church
Track Sacraments for Church Members with Ministry Profile Management Software


Document spiritual life milestones.

Celebrate important moments in someone’s life. Realm church profile management software offers both Catholic and Protestant preferences for tracking sacraments. You can edit your default sacrament list at any time and customize the information you want to record for each. You can also change the Sacraments tab label to match your church tradition.

Custom Fields

Track what’s most important to your staff.

Your church is unique, and so is the information you rely on. With Realm ministry profile management software, you can create unlimited custom profile fields with powerful control over field labels, attributes, and access — you can even let people view and update custom fields for themselves.

Profiles are Fully Customizable So You Can Manage What Matters Most to Your Church
Assign Responsibilities to Church Staff to Manage Tasks and Keep Member Info Private

Security Levels

Keep confidential information secure.

Realm understands that different people in your church should view select information about people. Control access to confidential information on all levels by selecting privacy options for member statuses and assigning roles to staff and lay leaders without compromising the security of your members.

Member Updates

Data that reflects real life.

Realm’s church people profile management software enables your congregation to manage their own profiles and family information. Automatic validation and normalization gives you confidence that your data is always clean and ready to work for you. 

Members Can Manage their Own Profiles so Your Church Always has the Latest Info
Create a Church Directory from Authroized Member Profiles for Increased Community and Engagement

Church Directory

Connect every face and every name.

In Realm’s church management system, staff can invite people to connect in real life by making it easy for them to see an online photo directory of individuals and families within your church or search for people by name.


Comprehensive views of every individual.

Realm Profiles allows staff to understand every aspect of each individual’s journey in your church. From seeing or updating their contact information, where they’re serving or any groups they’re a part of, to tracking the people that are attending your church events, you can do all this and more with Realm Profiles.

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