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Managing Your Christmas Visitors

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Christmas is one of the busiest seasons for churches. But once the celebration is past, you shouldn’t slow down. It’s time to follow up with your Christmas visitors! Don’t let this opportunity for outreach slip through your fingers.  Here are some suggestions on how your church can effectively follow up with those who visited during the holidays:

Collect Visitor Information

During the Advent and Christmas services, provide a way for visitors to share their contact information, either through a guestbook, connection cards, or digital forms (easiest for visitors and you). Consider having a QR code for visitors to scan.

Send a Welcome Email or Letter

Don’t hesitate to send your visitors a warm and welcoming email or letter. Be sure to send them within a few days of their visit. Express gratitude for their attendance, and share information about the church and service times. Remember to include contact details for questions and social accounts they can connect with.

Personal Touch

Assign a team, or volunteers to personally follow up with visitors after the initial email or letter. Personalized communication, such as a phone call or a handwritten note, can make visitors feel valued and appreciated. 


Be sure to extend invitations to a small group, Bible studies, or church event. These types of activities allow visitors to connect on a deeper level with your church community.

Provide Additional Information

In your follow-up communications, include additional information about the church’s vision and mission. Helping visitors understand the church’s values allows them to determine if there is a connection.


Share online resources, such as sermons, podcasts, or articles, to keep visitors engaged with the church’s teachings. Provide links or information on how to access these resources.


Encourage feedback from visitors. Ask about their experience, what they liked, and if there are any areas for improvement. This improves church services but also shows that the church values the opinions of its visitors.

Share Next Steps

Communicate the next steps for those interested in becoming more involved with the church, whether attending a newcomer’s orientation, joining a membership class, or participating in volunteer opportunities.

Newcomer Orientation

Host a newcomer orientation or welcome event specifically designed for those who attended during the holidays. This allows them to meet church leaders, learn about the church’s ministries, and ask any questions they may have. It also allows them to connect with other potential new members.

Consistent Communication

Keep in contact with visitors through newsletters, emails, or other communication channels monthly, quarterly, etc. Share updates on church activities and continue to express the church’s interest in their spiritual journey

Remember, the key is to make visitors feel welcome, valued, and connected to the church community. Building relationships and providing opportunities for involvement will enhance the likelihood of visitors becoming active and engaged church members. Download 5 Easy Holiday Outreach Ideas For Any Church to help with your Christmas outreach activities.

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