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Branded Congregant App

Streamline Communications

Publishing the same content to multiple platforms can be exhausting! Widgets allow you to cut down on double entry to add content from MinistryPlatform to your website. PocketPlatform takes that a step further by allowing you to push information like giving, events, and volunteer opportunities directly from MinistryPlatform to your app. No more triple entry to communicate!

Dynamic Content

We all know the frustration of having to weed through information just to find what matters to us. With your PocketPlatform app, you can push tailored content designed specifically for each MinistryPlatform user showing what they care about, such as check-in reminders for registered events or notifications about ministries in which they are involved.

Group Management

Group leaders need on-the-go access to tools that help them manage and communicate with their groups. Empower group leaders to view group members, check out their group meetings, and engage in group chats within the app. Leaders can also access curriculum to push out to their group members, add/edit/cancel group gatherings, and take attendance.

church engagement analytics tool

Engagement Analytics

Your group leaders need to truly be able to shepherd your congregation, and that starts with useful analytics showing changes in behaviors or how engaged your congregation is via trackable activities. View analytics in real time for both logged in and guest users.