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Volunteer Management

Find and Place Volunteers

Opportunity Finder

Volunteers are at the heart and soul of your ministry. They are the ones behind every event and service you hold, which means recruiting for volunteer positions is a must! Publish volunteer opportunities to your website for members to view and respond to if they feel it is the right opportunity for them to serve.

church volunteer opportunity finder tool


Once you have volunteers recruited, you need a way to manage them and communicate with them. Organize your volunteer teams into groups associated with the appropriate events, and each volunteer can confirm or cancel participation. Team leaders can communicate with their volunteers and organize details ahead of each event.


Once your volunteers are organized into a group, they can check-in at a kiosk the day of the event to receive their name tag listing their group and volunteer role. This ensures those attending the event know who they can talk to if they need assistance or have a question.

church check in tool