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The Building Blocks of systems

Workflows are a great way to piece together
a system based on the ways you do things
uniquely at your church.

They should be simple enough for anyone to follow, but thorough enough to ensure nothing slips through the cracks.

Once crafted, workflows can be structured to inform, educate, and follow through with all the things that matter to your church.

To help your church make the most of ministry, we’ve taken the 7 most commonly needed workflows of any church and created ready-to-use templates.

7 free templates for ministry workflows

Each template contains:

  • Boilerplate language to help your team understand why it matters
  • A brief list of items you’ll need
  • A checklist to walk people through a process
  • An expected outcome to gauge success

We hope these workflows – once customized to your context – free up your staff and volunteers to do more ministry, do it better, and function in the confidence of knowing you’re backed by some pretty sound, time-tested systems.

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