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As summer nears so does a familiar challenge for churches—declining involvement. Even the most effective churches see declines in attendance, small group involvement, giving, and more. Members head off on vacation. Plus, they often want to spend more time outside and less time inside a church building. 

This isn’t just a frequently shared myth. Research shows attendance during the summer typically drops by 20%. Some churches, including those in college towns, see an even bigger decline.

But the summer slump isn’t just about numbers. It’s about missed opportunities. When engagement drops, relationships don’t get built, marriages aren’t saved, and brokenness doesn’t get healed.  

And your church’s momentum stalls—maybe permanently.

But what if we told you the summer slump was avoidable?

In our new free guide, 7 Habits of Highly Engaged Churches in the Summer, we’ll introduce you to the habits that drive engagement during the warm months of the year and beyond. This guide provides:

  • Summer-specific strategies for growing (not merely steady) involvement.

  • Engagement ideas for churches of all sizes.

  • Involvement strategies that bring together every key area of your church.

With summer just around the corner, you can’t wait. Fill in the form below to get your free download today.