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A Study On Catholics In The U.S.

Who are We, and Who is Missing?

We know…

  • The number of Catholics attending church has fallen in recent years. 
  • Most of our parishes serve a population that is 51+.
  • 50% of Caucasians are Catholic, but Hispanics are more likely to be Catholic as a percentage of the population.

But what don’t we know? And how do we reach out and engage Catholics who aren’t active?

This study is based on 34.3 million active Catholics in the U.S. It takes a broad look at Catholics across the United States and provides directional information for church leadership. It gives leaders insights into the people in the parish and the surrounding community – their interests and lifestyles – and shows how to use this information for personal interaction.

Get your copy of this FREE study and start increasing participation in your parish!

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