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Say Goodbye to Disjointed Communications Forever

Free step-by-step guide to creating a church communications plan

Are you tired of haphazard communication frustrating your church’s messaging? Does it seem like your church’s messages always get misunderstood?

In today’s world, effective church communication is more important than ever. But it’s tough to keep the messages clear with so much going on. That often means your church mission gets blurred for the people who need to hear it the most. 

That’s why every church needs a communications plan. 

To help, we’ve put together a new FREE guide, Crafting Your Church’s Communications Plan: A Step-by-Step Blueprint to Tell Your Story Better, to help you create a cohesive strategy to make your church’s messaging better. 

After you implement the strategies in this guide, your church will be prepared to:

  • Tell clear and cohesive stories about what God is doing through your church.

  • Engage congregants with consistent messages that communicate with both your congregants and community.

  • Focus your communications resources on the messages that matter most to your church and the audiences you’re trying to reach. 


Your church mission matters to your community and the world around you. Start building a communication plan that moves your mission forward rather than setting it back.

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