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Discover the 5 Stages of Biblical Generosity

Too many church leaders want to run and hide when it’s time to discuss money. But the Bible doesn’t give us that option. Jesus talked about money all throughout the Gospels. Teaching people to give like Jesus did is an important part of the discipleship process.  

In our new FREE guide. Nurturing Generosity: Helping Members Take Their Next Step in Biblical Stewardship, we’ll walk you through the five stages of church generosity (non-giver, occasional giver, regular giver, proportional giver, and kingdom investor) and help you engage them in their next step.

In this free guide, you’ll learn:

  • A systematized approach to helping members grow in generosity.
  • How to build a generous culture that helps people take these steps more easily
  • The value of integrating technology into your generosity pathway to empower growth.

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