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A Pastor’s Perspective on Reaching the Hard to Reach

I meet church leaders and planters all the time that say they have the same desire – reaching people far from God with the Good News of Jesus Christ. The reality is that I see very few follow through. The main reason seems to be that reaching really messy people sounds good and looks good on paper, but the reality of reaching them is something entirely different. I thought I would start this series of posts with an article about the realities of reaching the hard to reach.

Large-scale church events: 4 tips

“We’re always saying, the only way we get through is through God. He is our number one focus, we do it all for the glory of Him. Every time we meet, we pray, ‘God, point us to the right direction on how we’re supposed to do this.’ … God totally blesses what we do, and so we have to constantly turn to God and make sure that He is center-focused on everything we do.

Play to Your Strengths

What if we designed teams based upon our strengths? Is someone on your team better at creating to-do lists and someone else better at delegation of tasks? Break those duties up appropriately.
And what if we created an IT system that relied on our strengths?

How to: Keep Your Church Staff Happy

Just because there’s a shared mission in a church workplace doesn’t necessarily mean people are happy with their work. It takes effort to keep church staff engaged and satisfied.
We researched some strategies for keeping your church staff happy so we could share the tips with you.