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5 Ways to Use

Social Media

To Promote Your VBS

School will be out soon, which means the season of Vacation Bible School (VBS) is almost upon us! Many of us have fond memories of fun VBS days filled with themed snacks, crafts, and Bible storytime. While kids enjoy the five days of VBS activities, they have no idea how many months it takes to prepare for this event!

Most churches have a dedicated Children’s Minister and maybe a rockstar volunteer that agrees to be the VBS Coordinator. One of the most difficult parts of planning is recruiting dedicated volunteers and helping the rest of the church connect with the mission and vision of VBS. A great way to make those elements a bit easier is using the power of social media.

Most churches have a Twitter, Instagram, and/or Facebook account (along with Realm). Starting a month before VBS begins, you can start posting in specific ways to draw attention, help educate, and hopefully increase interest from your church and community.

Here are 5 ways to use social media and Realm communication tools to promote your VBS:

1) Pick a person of influence in your church with a positive personal experience where VBS has impacted their life and highlight their story. Video them in a 1-2 minute clip sharing their story and post it on your church Facebook page or Instagram and your Realm Newsfeed. I’ve heard many stories of faithful volunteers in our church who committed to following the Lord as an elementary student attending VBS. Encourage your church staff and lay leaders to share the video on their Facebook or Instagram accounts as well.

2) Highlight a different VBS volunteer position each day. For instance, share a picture of a previous year’s snack coordinator on Instagram and post the photos in Realm. Ask her to share her favorite part of the volunteer experience or her favorite snack recipe. Also, include a description of what volunteering in the snack/food area entails. Use these posts to invite other people to come and volunteer and be a part of VBS.

3) Post pictures in Realm, on Facebook, and in your Instagram stories of graphics or decorations pertaining to your VBS theme. Many in your congregation that don’t have children may have no idea what VBS is about at all. VBS these days have incredible decorations and amazing themes. There may be people sitting in your sanctuary each week that would love the opportunity to help paint or decorate or create an amazing VBS environment, but they never realized there was a need.

4) Invite other people to come and be a part of your event. Share the need for volunteers to the entire congregation. Some churches may even have an event where people can learn more and sign up to help. VBS is a great short-term commitment some people might be interested in doing and then decide to volunteer regularly in the Children’s Ministry. Be sure to share specific roles and needs. Some people have just been waiting for an invitation!

5) Ask a junior or senior in high school that has attended VBS regularly in years past to share their VBS story and the memories they made and truths they learned. People need to see that these few days can and will make a lasting impact on many young lives. Seeing a testimonial from a young person currently active in the church and hearing how VBS has impacted them can be very powerful. It is also a great way to encourage students in your youth group to volunteer to help out. They may be too old to attend but certainly not too young to volunteer.

VBS certainly isn’t just for the kids in your congregation. It can be one of the most unifying events on your church calendar when the vision is communicated clearly. Social media and Realm tools are the perfect way to reach many different age groups with the vision, excitement, and opportunity that VBS brings.

For more information on VBS, visit Church Growth.