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5 Spring Outreach Ideas for Church Events


The holidays bring people together in so many ways- church and school events, neighborhood get-togethers plus all the work functions that keep us busy so that by the time January rolls around, we are happy to settle back into a more quiet routine. February pulls our attention to the groundhog’s prediction for spring, and we kind of come out of our own burrow at that time, too. By the time March is upon us, we are antsy to begin something new. So let’s take a big breath and stretch and get excited about these 5 spring outreach ideas for church events , shall we? 

  1. Tech free field day– full of hula hoops, jump ropes, three legged races, hopscotch, four square, parachute games, and don’t forget to include water stations and snacks. Make it an all day event and either have participants pack a picnic or bring a dish to share and you provide hamburgers and hotdogs with the fixings. And if you opt to go the cookout route, remember that with event registration in Realm, you can set the quantity of items you need and let people choose what and how many they want to bring. This avoids too many bottles of ketchup and not enough chips for everyone and gives you a headcount all at the same time!
  1. Food truck circle– this offers something for everyone and draws a crowd! Advertise on social media and radio spots to really broaden your scope and cast your net. There’s no admission fee, it’s just an opportunity to bring the community together and commune. While you’re at it, set up a stage and provide live music along with some face painting for kids. This may be one of the church event ideas for spring  that you also do again in the fall! 
  1. Yard sale– as many of us are cleaning out closets and children are outgrowing clothes, a neighborhood yard sale and/or clothes swap is of benefit to all making it one of the practical spring event ideas for church  community outreach. Each person is responsible for pricing their own items. Your church can provide tables for a small fee and this event can be held rain or shine! 
  1. Community garden- this is one of my personal favorite ideas for spring events  as continuous engagement is a necessity. Raised gardens work really well so that each table can be assigned and cultivated. Sign ups can include donations of the seedlings, potting soil, fertilizer, etc. so that people know what is needed to bring. Pictures can be shared to encourage participation. And if there is an abundance, take it a step further and offer a canning class to put away some of the produce for the winter. 
  1. Workshops are always a good idea! 

Some examples might include:

  • High school juniors and seniors would welcome a resume builder workshop or how to conduct an interview with seasoned parishioner experts. 
  • Mini job fair for business owners accepting internships or offering part time positions to those interested in the given trade to glean from a Christian who operates with integrity.
  • Teaching children social manners and communication skills in a fast paced and high tech world.
  • Saturday children’s workshop days- perhaps you build a birdhouse, or decorate picture frames. The local home improvement stores offered these prior to the pandemic, and it’s an interactive way to build up the community (pun intended).

Note: And while “April showers bring May flowers” is a phrase we are all familiar with, planning rain dates or alternative locations (church hall or gym, for example) will keep church spring event ideas  from becoming chaotic if the sky decides to make its presence known with an impromptu shower. 

These ideas are designed to give people the opportunity to socialize, make memories and invite others! We must be willing to interact and have conversations with people we don’t know. Isn’t that the point of outreach? Let’s be people who pursue others with the reminder of Matthew 5:43-48 tucked in our hearts and displayed in our lives. Love them well by following up with them. Afterall, this is the point of casting the net and drawing them into the life of the church to know our Savior. 

Forrest started with ACST in 2015 and has held key roles across many departments working directly with our ministry partners. He currently is a Territory Account Manager and specializes in helping large churches use technology to meet their full potential in every aspect of their ministry. He has served in youth and children’s ministry staff roles at his church and is passionate about leading churches in meaningful change.

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