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Accounting solutions to support strong financial stewardship

Fund accounting tools built
specifically for ministry

Our accounting solutions were built with the Church in mind to bring all of your financial needs under one roof. Integrate with giving, contributions, and your church management solution to automate and simplify your accounting processes.

Match your funds and ministries

Remove the need to fit your ministry to accounting software, and instead, use true fund accounting tools that allow you to build your general ledger to match your funds and ministries.

Manage your employees

Your staff is the backbone of your ministry day in and day out. Ensure they receive their pay, time off, and benefits with payroll solutions built to track ministry-specific details for pastors and leaders within your church.

Track money in and money out

Be better stewards of the gifts given to your ministry by tracking every dollar in and out with accounts payable and accounts receivable tools.

Budget for ministry goals

Build your budget based on the goals you’ve met and the goals you’re setting for the future, then track how your spending and saving compare to your budget to adjust year to year.

Reports built for better reporting

Reporting is necessary when it comes to the finances of the church, but it shouldn’t be a hassle. Start with standard accounting reports and customize them to drill down to specific time periods, funds, and more to keep your leadership in the know.

Accounting Solutions to show strong financial discipline.

ACS Technologies strives to build communication solutions that help you reach beyond the doors of your church. To explore our communication solution options, please visit one of our brands:

Realm Accounting empowers your church to seamlessly manage income and expenses, account reconciliation, and fund disbursement.

ACS Financials is a flexible, easy-to-use, double-entry accounting system that adheres to nonprofit accounting standards

Simplify your financial management tasks with a full accounting solution for your parish.


Church accounting software should be designed specifically for the church. True fund accounting allows you to build your general ledger based on your funds and organize them to best fit your ministry. An integrated accounting solution allows you to better manage your church’s donations and finances by giving you the tools you need to track gifts and post them to your general ledger all in a single solution. ACS Technologies offers ACS Financials and Realm Accounting, which are both built and designed for churches to provide ministry-specific features to make managing your church’s finances easier.

Church financial records are important for tax-related purposes and transparency. You need to record and track donations, expenses, income, payroll, disbursements, and any other transactions coming in or out of the church. You’ll also need to build a church budget, do a bank and credit card reconciliation, provide giving receipts and tax statements to your donors, manage vendors and provide tax reports they need to file each year and provide reports to your leadership to give them an overview or detailed look at your church’s financial health.

The best accounting software for churches is one that is designed for churches with ministry-specific features, such as fund accounting, church financial reports, departmental expense tracking, and integrated payroll software designed to manage ministry/clergy details. Realm Accounting and ACS Financials are the top accounting software for churches.

Church finances should be handled with care, with anyone who is handling the finances of the church being properly screened to protect your church’s financial data. This may include church leadership, staff members, volunteers helping to count donations each week, and those on your church’s financial committee.

What our ministry partners are saying

“It took them three days to reconcile all the credit card transactions and the bill pays, putting all that information into Realm Accounting. So, the first project I worked on was to take all that data, transform it, and create an import for Realm. I’ve got two imports built, and I reduced that time from three days to a couple of hours.”


Financial/Administrative Assistant

“Realm Accounting has been a blessing to me and my church. The easiest accounting software I have used in my 15 plus years of church ministry.”