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Church management solutions for your unique ministry needs

Flexible solutions built for all sizes and denominations

Our Church Management Software (ChMS) provides your church with the tools you need to grow your ministry, connect your small groups, empower your volunteers, and reduce administrative workload.

Know your people

Comprehensive profiles give your team all they need to know about your people, making it easy to communicate with your members, follow up with visitors, encourage involvement, and much more.

Engage your groups

Group management tools provide staff and group leaders with on-the-go access to communicate with and disciple group members throughout the week.

Grow your volunteers

Volunteers are the core of your events and missions, and our solutions help you recruit, communicate with, schedule, and manage volunteers so you’re never short on hands.

Provide in-depth reports

Track your progress towards ministry goals with predefined or in-depth custom reports and dashboards that can be shared with leadership to promote transparency and accountability.

Remove data silos

Gone are the days of managing multiple data warehouses. With integrations and customization, our church management software is built to provide all-in-one solutions that house everything from attendance to finances and more.

Church Management Solutions to power your ministry.

ACS Technologies strives to build church management software (ChMS) that encompasses all the tools you need to meet your minstry goals and push your mission forward. To explore our church management software options, please visit one of our brands:

Realm brings your whole church together with tools for administration, group leaders, members, and volunteers to stay connected and engaged.

MinistryPlatform is a completely customizable solution built to fit your unique needs and grow with your ministry.

Founded by a Catholic priest, Parish Data System™ equips your parish or diocese with tools to better serve your parishioners.

ACS™ provides everything you need to operate an effective church ministry.


To understand church management software, you must first look at what church management is. Church management is managing every single aspect of the church, including members, new visitors, events, contributions, small groups, administrative tasks, and so much more. Church management software provides you with tools for tracking, organizing, reporting, and managing all of the moving parts of your ministry.

Church management software pulls all of your data to one place so you can manage it with ease. This includes your members’ contact and personal information, family details, small group management, event registration and payments, volunteer management, communications, contributions and giving, accounting, payroll, and much more.

Choosing a church management software for your ministry should be a thorough process to ensure you select the right software to meet the unique needs of your church. Start by meeting with your church leadership and staff members to build a list of needs. Think about every aspect of your ministry, from what happens in the church office to your worship service and small group meetings. How can a solution make every job within your ministry simpler? Don’t forget to include how church management software can benefit your group leaders, volunteers, and members. Talk to other churches to hear the pros and cons of the solutions they are currently using to get a perspective on how the software works for similar ministries.

Church management software comes with a large amount of benefits. Whether your church is small in size or a megachurch with multiple campuses, church management software can help your ministry run more efficiently by providing a centralized data warehouse as a single source of information. Your leadership will be able to gain a full picture of what’s happening at church. Your administrative staff will be able to work more effectively by streamlining tasks and processes to better fit their daily needs. Your church members and first-time visitors will also benefit from church management software as it creates a better experience for them with personalized communications and an online experience when they aren’t able to be with you in person.

What our ministry partners are saying

“I love queries because you can narrow the scope of information and get exactly what you need. It’s one of my favorite things about Realm.”

Eunice Tompkins

Church Volunteer

“Compared to MinistryPlatform, other programs are glorified file cabinets. They don’t interact with parish members or other programs nicely. However, the way MinistryPlatform is built affords us the ability to think in terms of it being a tool to track and to interact in the Christian lifecycle from birth to death, and gives us the ability to stay connected and engaged in ways that were not possible before.”

Deacon Frank


“There are things that this whole program can do that I don’t even know about; I just know how powerful it is. You have to play around with PDS. What is it you’re looking to do? Ask yourself what you want to accomplish, and there will be a way to accomplish that task.”