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Mission Trip solutions to simplify your planning process

Plan all your mission trip details in one place

Our mission trip solutions give you all you need to bring participant needs, fundraising, communications, references, and more together in one place with automated reminders and fundraising pages to make sure your trip planning goes smoothly.

Automate tasks to simplify planning

There’s many moving parts when planning a mission trip. Bring all of those parts together and set up tasks with due dates, assign them to participants, and set up automated reminders. Plus, templates save you from starting from scratch each trip.

Meet fundraising goals

Empower participants to raise the money needed for mission trips with personal fundraising pages that can be shared through social media, as well as a general trip fundraising page to share with your church to raise awareness and accept donations.

Prepare participants for the planning process

Provide participants with all the necessary information and use automated reminders to keep them on track with what’s needed along the way. Schedule planning meetings, provide a checklist, and set up fundraising milestones to make sure they’re meeting their goals.

Mission Trip Solutions to spend less time planning and more time doing.

ACS Technologies strives to provide mission trip software that prepares your participants to serve and relieves you of stress during the planning process. To explore our mission trip software options, please visit one of our brands:

Take your missions, camps, and retreats to the next level with management tools, including personal fundraising, applications and regulations, document tracking, reporting, and more.


A mission trip is a short-term opportunity for volunteers to serve and share their faith with others through outreach. Some are designed for specific skill sets or age ranges, while others are open for all who are willing and called to serve. During mission trips, participants connect and help local communities achieve goals, such as building a church or school building, while also learning from the local people. This is a great time for participants to share their experiences with Christ with others in hopes of bringing others to know Christ.

Start with utilizing a tool that pulls all of your planning and trip management into one place. GoMethod handles everything — applications and background checks, references, requirements such as passports and documents that need signing, fundraising, and participant updates. Pulling all of that data into one place makes it easier to manage your trip from start to finish.

A successful mission trip can be viewed in a number of ways. From the administrative perspective, your trip was organized well and funds were raised in a timely manner to meet all of the objectives of the trip. There were no details that were missed along the way, and every participant felt prepared and ready ahead of time. From a faith perspective, your participants spread the gospel through serving others, while also strengthening their own relationships with God.

Utilize GoMethod to create a general fundraising page for your mission trip. Funds can then be transferred to teams or participants. You can also set up a fundraising page for each participant with personalized messaging and a photo for them to share with friends and family through email or on social media.

What our ministry partners are saying

“Go Method gave us the opportunity to have one-stop shopping. We can streamline the process and have information transparency for everyone involved.”


Community and Connections Pastor