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Background check solutions to keep your ministry safe

Protect your people and assets with proper screening

Screening in all areas of your ministry is vital in ensuring your children, vulnerable adults, finances, and more are safe in your hands. Our partners at Verified First provide the most comprehensive background checks for churches, as well as years of experience helping churches choose the best screening options for their ministries.

Truly know those involved

Volunteers are present within your ministry almost every time the doors are open. Be sure you’re screening each and every volunteer, from nursery workers to bus drivers to those on your finance committee, to ensure your ministry is protected at all costs.

Protection starts at the top

Starting with your pastoral leadership to ministry leaders to your church secretary, cover each level of your staff with proper screening so your church and member information isn’t compromised.

One time isn’t enough

You may have staff or volunteers who have been in your ministry for years, and you think you know them, but that’s not enough. Renew background checks often to maintain trust within your ministry.

Background check solutions to better protect your ministry.

ACS Technologies strives to provide background check solutions that keep your people, assets, and church safe week after week. To explore our background check software options, please visit one of our brands:

We’ve partnered together to bring you the most comprehensive screening solutions integrated with our church management solutions to fully protect your ministry.


You should run a background check on any new staff member or volunteer before they start serving in your ministry. There is no legal precedent regarding how often a background check should be run, but some insurance carriers will deny coverage unless churches repeat background checks every 12 months. You should check with your local jurisdiction for how often they are required in your state.

There are many searches available for you to run when screening your staff and volunteers. These include:

Motor Vehicle Report

National Sex Offender Public Database

Sex Offender Registry

County Criminal Database Search

Unlimited County Criminal Database Search

Statewide Criminal Database Search

Nationwide Criminal Database Check

Employment Verification

Education Verification

Credit Check

Social Security Trace

Check out our Know Your People guide for more details about each search and what they cover.

Yes! Background checks protect against the risks posed by employees and volunteers. One incident of fraud or abuse could be enough to put your entire church community at risk.

Churches run background checks to see any possible risks ahead of someone serving on staff or as a volunteer in their ministry. Most of us think of risks to our children and youth ministries, but it goes beyond that. Also, consider roles that are responsible for reaching out to or visiting senior or vulnerable adults, those driving your church vehicles, and those handling any financial or personal data within your church.

What our ministry partners are saying

“Our background checks were always a manual process. I signed up for background checks through Realm. Our manpower is so valuable. I don’t want our people manually entering data for background checks when Realm holds all that information and makes it automatic. I want our people involved in ministry not paperwork.”


Finance and HR Director

“We really appreciate the ease and security of background checks through Realm and Verified First!”