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Communication tools to connect your people to ministry

Tailor your message to reach your people wherever they are

Our communication tools provide you with multiple ways to engage your audience and pull them into your ministry with tailored messaging and branded content.

Stay relevant in inboxes

Stop sending mass blasts for everything to everyone, and instead send focused emails to targeted groups that share what they care about so you can increase engagement and reduce unsubscribes.

Text messaging for quicker reach

Communicate quicker and more efficiently by sending a mass text to all your members or a text to a single group about a specific event or need.

Mobile apps for on-the-go reach

Share ministry updates, live streams, group and event information, and more through mobile apps that can be customized to fit your ministry and integrated with your church management solution. Plus, support your pastoral staff with a mobile app to help them as they take ministry out of the office and into the community.

Enhance your virtual presence

Utilize our website tools to reflect your ministry online and show what’s important for new visitors and members, such as events, ministry opportunities, groups, and more.

Communication tools to spread your message beyond the pews.

ACS Technologies strives to build communication solutions that help you reach beyond the doors of your church. To explore our communication solution options, please visit one of our brands:

Equip every person in your church – staff, pastors, leaders, and members – so they can be better informed, connected, and ready to grow your ministry with the Realm Connect mobile app.

Refresh Websites gives you a welcoming virtual front door to your church to attract new visitors and keep your congregation engaged.

Built for MinistryPlatform, the PocketPlatform custom-branded mobile app gives you a content hub with personalized experiences for your members.


Communication is vital in building relationships with your members and guiding them forward on their discipleship journey. Communication doesn’t start when someone becomes a member of your church. Instead, it starts the moment a prospective visitor views your church’s website to consider if they would like to visit your church. Your website is the first communication channel they view, or maybe they view your social media accounts to see images and listen to the streaming of your service ahead of visiting. Think about communications as the invisible string connecting everything within your ministry. From your church’s website and social media accounts communicating to new visitors to your church’s mobile app, texts, emails, and worship announcements speaking to your members, keeping everyone connected through personalized and meaningful communications ensures your visitors and members are engaged with your ministry and continue to grow as a church family.

Church communications can be improved by moving away from the “tell-all” mindset and into a personalized, “tell me only what I need to know” perspective. For example, those in your senior adult ministry don’t need to know the location for the children’s Christmas play practice has changed, but the parents of those children do need that information. Develop a communication strategy that is based on telling members what they need to know about the specific ministries and events they are involved in while still communicating details for church-wide events or ministry efforts. This will allow your members to better engage with the ministries they care about while not missing details due to an overload of information.

What our ministry partners are saying

“Ministry Platform, Growth Method, & Pocket Platform have been instrumental in helping us engage with our church in more meaningful ways. I believe that data is can inform us and help us tailor our care for our church attendees. Seeing people instead of rows of data (but not apart from the data we know about them) bring purpose to what we do in the data world, and Ministry Platform helps us do just that. All of our systems help us make a big church feel much smaller, to help us ensure that no one falls through the cracks, and to come alongside them in their walks with Jesus in meaningful & impactful ways.”


Database Specialist

“Realm packages all of your communication tools together on your desktop, laptop, and with the Realm Shepherd and Realm Connect apps.”


Print Media Services Director