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Information Technology (IT) solutions to keep your ministry up and running

Make sure your church data is protected

Our IT solutions and services give you peace of mind to know your IT devices, users, and data are secure and operating effectively. We’ll come alongside your IT staff to provide assistance or give you full support if you don’t currently have IT staff on hand.

Reduce security risks

Vulnerability scans assess the security of your systems and provide recommendations to protect your data, as well as backup solutions in case of an incident. Our IT services also can manage and monitor your systems for you.

Bring your systems up-to-date

Get personalized recommendations to improve your phone, wireless, or office systems through a full assessment of your current systems and elevate them to the next level.

Cover everything from security to system management

Utilize our Managed Service Provider (MSP) to receive ongoing maintenance designed to prevent problems and provide a proactive approach when problems arise, improving dependability and uptime for your systems.

IT Solutions to provide you with the highest level of knowledge and service available

ACS Technologies strives to offer Information Technology (IT) services and solutions to help you increase security, stability, dependability, and scalability within your ministry. To explore our IT services and solutions options, please visit one of our brands:

Higher Ground, Inc. is an industry leader in technology integration, network design, and systems support for largely non-profit organizations.


Technology is a tool that can help your church thrive and grow. While it enables your administrative staff to manage information on your people, events, finances, and other areas of your ministry, it also allows you to connect with your congregation in new ways. From learning about those in your community through analytic tools to reaching out to them through communication solutions, technology provides you with an end-to-end suite of tools to bring people into your ministry, encourage them through their discipleship journey, and equip them to go out and serve as God calls them to do.

Technology is pushing the church to think outside the boundaries and walls of the church building to expand into the daily lives of members. Technology shouldn’t take away from the church’s mission but instead, enable the church to better serve its members and community. Churches are now meeting people where they are and how they are comfortable by providing a number of ways they can worship, give, and connect with the church on an everyday basis instead of only on Sundays.

Managed IT support through a Managed Service Provider (MSP) delivers IT-related services to organizations that can be used in place of IT staff or to supplement existing personnel (employees or volunteers). For some, MSP’s serve as the IT staff, and for others, they simply serve to provide cover and backups when they need help. This may include help desk support, network monitoring, patch management, antivirus, and backup and disaster recovery.

What our ministry partners are saying

“Honestly, server management is the biggest thing I recommend to everyone. Being able to turn over my server, patch management with Automate, all of that to someone and not have to keep up with every update that comes out, and I can sleep better at night knowing that I don’t have to worry about it.”


Network and Systems Administrator

“Higher Ground already knows as well as I do what our network looks like, and they have access to it. They often know before I do if we have some kind of issue. It allows me the time to be innovative, which, as the Director of Innovation and Technology, is important.”


Innovation and Technology Director