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Bookkeeping and Payroll Services to Better Manage Your Finances

Leverage a Specialized Team of Bookkeeping, Payroll, and Tax Experts

Ensure the accuracy of your financial records and reports and relieve the burden on your financial staff by leveraging the knowledge, experience, and expertise of a group specializing in bookkeeping, payroll, and taxes.

Prevent Financial Gaps

Our services will fill the gaps you may face with staff changes or shortages to bring your financial data up to date and improve your financial management and reporting processes.

Migrate Your Data

Migrating your financial data shouldn’t be a hassle. Our team will work with you to migrate your data to one of our ACS Technologies accounting solutions and ensure your financial records are accurate. Accounting clean-up services are also available to resolve your financial messes for you.

Simplify Your Processes

Our Bookkeeping Service includes managing your accounts payables and receivables, general ledger, financial statements, and bank reconciliation, bringing all of your accounting processes together and freeing up your time to focus on ministry.

Process Your Payroll

Paying your ministry staff ensures your doors are open and your ministries are running smoothly. Count on our payroll services to process your payroll efficiently and keep your employees paid on time.

Bookkeeping & Payroll Services to Transform Your Financial Processes

ACS Technologies strives to offer Bookkeeping and Payroll services to help you ensure accuracy and simplify your accounting processes. To explore our Bookkeeping and Payroll services, please visit one of our service pages:

ACS Technologies, your trusted partner in ministry, offers bookkeeping and payroll services. Take the burden off of your financial staff, and let us manage your church’s bookkeeping and payroll.


Church bookkeeping consists of managing your general ledger, accounts payable, vendors, payroll, church budget, and many other pieces of your church’s overall financial health. If you’re unsure of where to start, short on staff resources, or just need a little help with establishing processes for your church’s bookkeeping needs, ACST Bookkeeping and Payroll Services can help!

Bookkeeping starts with Accounting and Payroll software, and you need one specifically built for churches to handle ministry-specific details, such as your pastor’s benefits and your church’s special funds. Check out Realm Accounting and Payroll to learn how software built specifically for churches and ministries can simplify your bookkeeping.

Small churches may have fewer employees, but that doesn’t mean payroll shouldn’t be managed appropriately. If you’re the church secretary of a 2-person staff team, you wear a lot of hats. Payroll software, such as Realm Accounting and Payroll, can help you manage payroll along with all of your other church data in one simple solution. And if managing payroll isn’t your specialty, ACST Bookkeeping and Payroll services can manage it for you.

Church management systems do handle payroll, such as Realm Accounting. Realm Accounting and Payroll are integrated into Realm church management solution, meaning you benefit from having all of your church’s data, including members’ profiles, events, child check-in, groups, volunteers, giving, and contributions, all in one place. Plus, with Realm eGiving, Accounting, and Payroll, you get automatic posting of contributions to your general ledger, allowing you to better manage your contributions and spend less time manually importing that data each week.