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Engagement solutions to increase growth through connections

Build intentional relationships
within your ministry

Our engagement solutions aid you in building processes to improve healthy growth by focusing on your people and their experiences, measuring ministry effectiveness, and understanding your entire ministry as a whole to make informed decisions moving forward.

Nurture guests along the way

Prevent visitors from falling through the cracks with follow-up tools to nurture and guide them along tracks to move from first-time visitors to involved members of your church.

Re-engage your members

Deepen the relationships within your church and guide members along their spiritual journeys by communicating new opportunities for involvement and capturing important information like prayer requests through online forms.

View the health of your engagement

Know what’s working and what needs improvement by viewing form stats, where visitors and members are within tracks, and how your team is doing on completing actions to continue pushing engagement to its fullest potential.

Engagement Solutions to give purpose to your processes

ACS Technologies strives to build engagement software that automates your processes to allow you to connect personally to each visitor and member, no matter how large your ministry. To explore our engagement software options, please visit one of our brands:

Growth Method is a Ministry Engagement Platform that manages and automates essential ministry processes, communications, and assimilation tracks to help you pastor people better.


Church engagement is all about how your people are involved with your church. From starting as a new visitor to playing a specific role in carrying out your church’s mission and vision, a person’s engagement level grows as they become more involved in your church. What is the main purpose of engagement?

Engaging members starts with knowing who they are, their interests and involvement, and other preferences. From there, tailor your messaging and content to fit each member through personalized outreach to better connect with them and show them opportunities specifically for them to engage with your ministry. Growth Method is a ministry engagement hub that facilitates engagement by providing your staff with communication methods, task tracking, and processes to promote engagement.

Understanding the preferences of each generation in your church will help you better engage them. Check out our blog series Generational Views on Faith to read what we learned from the American Belief Reports.

Involvement depends on a person’s interests, availability, and preferences. Offer many opportunities for your people to serve in your church. Think about ways all ages can be a part of your ministry and present those opportunities often to continuously remind people of the ways they can be involved. Track people’s interests, skills, and preferences in your church management software to find those who may fit a specific volunteer role and reach out to them when that role needs to be filled. The more opportunities you present with flexible times and requirements open the door for more people to become involved.

We encourage small groups and church wide events to bring people together. Small groups allow those with similar interests and lifestyles to connect and support each other on a more personal level while also growing in faith and prayer together. Church wide events bring all of your people together in one place to connect and grow together as a church family. Promote both your small groups and church wide events often so your people never miss an opportunity to fellowship with one another.

What our ministry partners are saying

“Growth Method is about being welcomed and is the first step for someone needing help getting into a small group. Time after time, people are blown away that you’re personally texting them. That personal communication aspect goes a long way.”


Connections Coordinator