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5 Ways to Know & Engage With Your Community

5 Ways to Know & Engage With Your Community

When you know the church community and your neighbors better, you’ll speak to them in ways that help them shape proper perspectives about your mission. BE the Church in new and unique ways – ways that are engineered to produce fruit well beyond this current season. Our hope is that you’ll implement one or more of these 5 ways to know & engage with your community. Let’s do something different, something new, something out-of-the-box, so you can reach people in more ways than you’ve ever imagined:

1. Drive-In:

Use your parking lot to have a drive-in experience of some sort. People can pull in, orient their vehicles in one direction and choose to remain in their vehicles or congregate in a designated area for lawn seats, picnics and or games. This drive-in could be a movie, a worship service, a concert, or a sing along, etc. A movie is the easiest to execute. This is because you won’t need to set up full band instrumentation, microphones, audio monitors, etc. All you need is a screen, projector, and access to an FM station or large capacity audio. However, if you have the capacity, how cool would it be to have weekly services, a worship event, or even a concert right in front of your building?​​ 

→ What could happen: Your community will know they are cared for and connected. More importantly, they can slowly but surely take down some of their walls. Then, they will start to allow God to move in their lives by engaging with your church and community. You might even find that people not associated with your church see what’s happening, participate, and become more than just familiar faces, but active members because they were first blessed by your blessing.

2. Tailgate:

Host a community event with games, food, and fun tailgate style- no need to wait for a sporting event! Each family/person has their own parking space. Then, let the good times roll complete with provided bbq grills ready for individuals and families to use (should they not have their own) and maybe a lemonade stand just to throw in some nostalgia and a sweet way to connect!

→ What could happen: You can end up doing a teaching or even sharing announcements. This will go even further in reminding people that your church is here for the community.

3. Run for Fun:

When you know your church demographics, you may even be able to get your people moving with a 5k or a color style run. This can be done virtually, meaning you set a course on Google maps or other mapping software, then post it in an online event you create and let people run it on their own time, at their own pace, OR in person. Take it to the next level and invite people to post their times (on the online event and social platforms) to further share what’s happening. You could provide a prize for the fastest time or turn it into a fundraising event. Have everyone who runs donates to benefit the community as a whole. Perhaps more library books or backpacks for back to school – the projects are endless! 

→ What could happen: Beyond getting in shape and staying active, participants will know they are part of a bigger community. What’s more, you’ll have an opportunity to keep your current community active and engaged. And you’ll meet new people whose introduction to your ministry could lead to life-change.

4. Clean up the City:

Serve more than your immediate church family by adopting a home, street, or block to clean up or improve. Speak with a neighborhood development official in your city how to become familiar with and know church community needs. You’ll discover which areas need immediate improvement: graffiti removal, trash pickup, weed abatement, and general clean up. Then, organize a team to get out there and keep your city clean. You’ll be seen as an organization that’s out for others, not just your own initiatives.

→ What could happen: You’ll meet new people and start to develop some long-term relationships that could lead to life-change. Your volunteers will see the impact they are making and become energized for more.

5. Prayer Wall:

Create a prayer wall in your lobby area where people can post prayers and others can pray for them. The best scenario would be to have people write their prayer on an index card and pin it to the wall. Then someone can come behind and put a sticker on there, indicating it’s being prayed for. You can set hours when a staff member will be at the church. Or post it outside where anyone can access it and people can swing by – on their own time – to post prayers or to pray for people.

→ What could happen: First of all, prayer will be answered and God will move! Beyond that, people will get the assurance that others are praying for them and they’ll get to experience and know church community life. You get encouragement, blessing, and growth in a simple and easy initiative.

All around your church community are the proverbial fields ripe for the harvest. In homes, apartments, and businesses people are yearning for meaning, purpose, and hope. Scarcely able to express this need, most have settled for an introspective existence unaware of the mechanisms they’ve used to numb their hearts from their eternal longing to know and be known by God. In other words… You’ve got a lot of people in your neighborhoods who need Jesus and you need to know and engage with them. Faith begins with friendship. After all, the Gospel is one friend introducing another to Jesus.

As the Vice President of Marketing for ACS Technologies, John is responsible for Marketing’s overall corporate strategy and direction. Storyteller, promoter, problem solver to churches of all sizes and shapes. John has traveled the world working with prominent non-profit ministries. He also serves on the board of directors for Dayspring International.

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