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Blog » 8 Reasons Why You Need Realm ChMS in Time for Easter

8 Reasons Why You Need Realm ChMS in Time for Easter

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For Christians, Easter represents Jesus Christ’s victory over death. His resurrection is proof He is the Son of God, and it is the reason we can find hope in an eternity spent with Him. During Easter, we celebrate what we believe to be the biggest moment in history. And, because we believe that truth to our cores and want to share the Good News with as many people as possible, the question Why do churches need a church management system? is made abundantly clear and we will give you 8 reasons why you need Realm ChMS in time for Easter :

  1. Centralized, easy-to-use system that customizes and fast tracks ministry.
  1. Practical, step-by-step process that mentors people through their spiritual journey.
  1. Interactive, online environment that lets ministry happen 24/7.
  1. Versatile eGiving platform that accommodates multiple delivery methods.
  1. Safe and secure child check-in system that gives parents peace of mind.
  1. Comprehensive reporting system that rewards vision casting and goal setting.
  1. Event registration platform that integrates several high performance features.
  1. Integrated accounting system that builds financial discipline and transparency.

Need another reason? Good, here are two words for your consideration: Follow Up.

Implementing church management Easter protocols will make all the difference in visitors’ discipleship and your church’s growth. This Easter, people will come to your church to find God, to find meaning, and to find community. If visitors discover that the church has lost its passion for mission, it loses its appeal. People who come to your church are looking for something. They want to be taken on a journey of new life in Christ. This means churches have to be passionately headed in a well-defined direction so no one slips between the cracks. Plain and simply, this is exactly why you need a ChMS solution.

How about one more reason, just for good measure: Statistics show that more and more people communicate, engage and collaborate using online platforms and mobile devices than ever before. It’s time to revolutionize the digital communication of your church with a simple, powerful communication platform. Realm is blazing new digital trails to streamline the communication process. It’s a cutting edge online platform that’s increasing accessibility and productivity. To meet the growing demands of the church market, Realm offers a wide selection of interactive and automated tools that will empower your church to facilitate communication, increase engagement, manage finances and organize groups with ONE communication platform.

The modern day church is a multi-faceted organism with many moving parts. Can I get a resounding amen? Realm’s innovative church management solution offers a seamless experience that will draw the church closer together. Take a deep breath and let us help you:

  • Avoid piecing together a conglomerate of solutions that wastes time and money. 
  • Navigate the different tasks and responsibilities of the church without increasing your ministry efforts. 
  • Implement a comprehensive strategy that brings synergy to the digital climate of your church. 
  • Adopt a single, powerful church ministry software solution that merges every area of the church into ONE state-of-the-art system so you can perform several core functions efficiently and cohesively. 

If you need software that’s ready-to-use from day one, you can join more than 10,000 churches nationwide using Realm. You’ll get all the tools you need to shepherd your congregation from your church office or anywhere else. It’s easy-to-use and unbelievably robust on all the screens you normally use (smartphone, tablet, computer, etc.). It’s simply the most effective Church Management Software on the market. 

What sets us apart you might ask? We see ourselves as your real ministry partner and will work with you to make disciples that will last for an eternity. 

Lily joined the ACST team in 2020. She worked six years at a large church in Atlanta, GA, as the Business Systems Analyst. Lily understands the mission and challenges of the church. She spent her time in ministry utilizing Realm to help solve those challenges. She is passionate about helping our Ministry Partners leverage technology to fulfill their mission and grow their ministry impact.

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