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Blog » Advent Week 2: Lighting the Way for Peace

Advent Week 2: Lighting the Way for Peace

Advent week 2

As we start the second week of Advent, Rejoice! And to help you prepare, we’ve created this Advent series. This week, we are Lighting the Way for Peace! Each day we will share devotions, prayers, music, and activities for the entire family to prepare for this Advent season. 

We hope you’ll follow along and participate in all the Advent activities. Here are just a few activities for this week:

Advent Wreath

Light the way for peace with your Advent wreath.  (See Advent Week 1 for instructions.)

advent candles
Second Sunday of Advent Wreath Prayer

Prepare for week two with a prayer for lighting the Advent candles: 

God of power and mercy open our hearts in welcome. Remove the things that hinder us from receiving Christ with joy so that we may share his wisdom and become one with him when he comes in glory, for he lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, forever and ever. Amen

Advent Music

Open your favorite music app and search for “Advent playlist” to make the season part of your day. Or take a look at our Advent playlist and other recommended playlists for this week. 

Advent playlist

Family Activity

Next week we celebrate Our Lady of Guadalupe Feast Day on Dec. 12. In preparation, we encourage your family to make paper roses to decorate your table for the Feast. To see the supply list and instructions, click here.

Advent family activity
Illustration of steps to create paper roses.

Reading Prep

What better way to prepare yourself during Advent than to review the 3rd Sunday of Advent readings? Sit quietly and reflect on the Readings and Gospel for Sunday. What is the message you’re receiving? Involve your entire family in the discussion. 

Tasty Idea

Closeout the second week of Advent with a special recipe! You may decide to start a new tradition and use this as part of your Christmas meal! 

Enjoy and prepare for the 3rd Week of Advent.

Please check back each day of Advent through December 24 so you don’t miss any of our fun, interactive Advent series.

Carol has worked in the ACST Marketing department and managed most aspects of marketing over the last 20 years. Before ACST, she spent many years handling marketing for companies across the US including, Novell, WordPerfect, Purolator Courier,, and U.S.News&World Report. Carol is a cradle Catholic who has been active her entire life (a long time!) and has served in volunteer positions within her parish, including formation instructor, lector, code red responder, and numerous other volunteer roles.

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