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Budgeting and Church Spending

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How should a church spend money? What a question to ask, right? We get this question as church staff more than we may like to admit, but is the answer really as complex and complicated as we make it out to be? The simple answer for how a church should spend money is this — to spread the Gospel around the world and to build disciples. That’s it. That’s the simple answer. 

Many people still question budgeting decisions made by the church leadership, particularly if they don’t see the connection between resources spent for what is gained. When you are evaluating financial decisions, think about the ultimate objective for the expenditure: “to spread the Gospel around the world and to build disciples.”

For instance, 

  • If you live in a town filled with teenage students and you’re hosting a weekly gathering for them, then purchasing items like speakers, instruments, lights, staging, and other tech equipment may be a worthwhile financial move. You can host worship nights, guest speakers, game nights, and other events that bring students’ together in Christian fellowship. Invite students to come, engage them in conversation, build relationships, and share the gospel.
  • Suppose you have missionaries living in other parts of the country or around the world, consider supporting them financially. Most missionaries commit to a certain amount of time to go and serve away from their home, but others are there for the long haul (or as long as God calls them to stay). Sending financial support allows them to continue their ministry. 
  • Spending money on monthly or daily operations can often be questioned as well. Things such as a website, an APP, billboards, etc. Costs for these things can be steep. Still, if a website helps a newcomer find the address to the church, if an APP helps people follow along with the sermon notes, and if the billboards advertise to the whole community about upcoming Easter services — what could the result be? The newcomer comes to church and joins the church family, people have their sermon notes to re-read and think about, and people who have never been to church (or haven’t been in a long time) may come to the Easter service when they see the invitation on a billboard.

Although these are just a few scenarios and examples of some things we spend money on in the church, the overall question remains, “does this help us spread the Gospel and build disciples?” If the answer is “yes” and you have the financial means, then go for it. To ensure you do have the financial means, be sure you are also using technology, such as online and text giving, to help further your goals. The perspective can always be faulty. Choose to have a positive perspective with a wise financial mindset. 

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