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Blog » Catholic Parish Discovers Customizable Contributions Tracker

Catholic Parish Discovers Customizable Contributions Tracker

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Founded: 1997
Location: Glendale, AZ

Denomination: Catholic
Weekly Attendance: 5,500

Staff: 12

Favorite Feature:
Batch Manager Tool

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Serving Catholics of Glendale, AZ, since 1997, St. Thomas More is committed to being a community parish guided by the Holy Spirit. They have made it their goal to transform members into intentional disciples and empower them to make other disciples who love God and their neighbors.


After trying multiple solutions over the last two decades, the staff at St. Thomas More had to have a single platform that would save them time while being completely customizable to meet all of their parish’s needs. With nearly 4,000 families involved in their ministry, tracking discipleship growth and contributions is vital to keeping the parish running smoothly. The staff at St. Thomas More needed a tool that would eliminate extra work and ensure that parishioners were properly credited for their tithes and offerings.


Enter MinistryPlatform. After a long search, the staff at St. Thomas More discovered the answer to their problems. With completely customizable options for everything from giving to discipleship tracking, groups to scheduling, St. Thomas More finally had what they needed. The batch manager tool in MinistryPlatform gave St. Thomas More’s team the ability to scan checks and giving envelopes and store that information all in a single database for easy tracking. The batch manager tool works together seamlessly with the other features in MinistryPlatform to save time and improve accuracy so the parish staff can focus more on ministry and less on behind-the-scenes administration.

Wade Mcfall

“From start to finish MinistryPlatform had a process in place for us to do online donations so I didn’t have to go outside to another vendor. We didn’t have to do all this extra work to make sure that we were giving people credit for what they gave.”

– Wade McFall, Parish Business Manager

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