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Loving at a Distance


We live in the digital age. Technology is a crucial part of all of our lives. Some of us love it. Some of us…well…not so much. However, technology is here to stay, and we must live with it. 

This Valentine’s Day, what better time to embrace technology (especially during an ongoing pandemic when spending time face to face with those you love may not be possible)? On a day focused on expressing your feelings for those you love the most, let’s all use the technological resources at our fingertips to make our loved ones feel special.

Here are a dozen ways that we can all use tech solutions to say “I love you” this Valentine’s Day:

  1. Send a text message: Pick up that phone and type out a few meaningful words in the middle of the day. An unexpected note will bring a smile to everyone’s face.
  2. Post on social media: Take a risk to make a public proclamation of your love and appreciation. Tweet or post something sweet about your sweetheart.
  3. Create a video: Our smart phones make it easy to film ourselves and edit together meaningful videos which are a fun and effective way to communicate our feelings to those we love. Be creative and produce something special for Valentine’s Day this year.
  4. Send a digital greeting card: There are many online digital greeting card companies that create free or low-cost greeting cards you can send to those you love. Customize a special message to say exactly what your heart is feeling.
  5. Order gifts online: There is no end to the things you can buy online. The global pandemic has helped all of us to hone our online shopping skills. Use those newfound skills to choose the perfect gift for your loved one this Valentine’s Day.
  6. Use your meal delivery apps: Can’t go out for a special Valentine’s Day meal? Use a food delivery app to have a special meal delivered right to your doorstep. Bring your own candles and wine.
  7. Watch a movie online: Movie theaters still closed in your areas? Watch a movie online together – whether that means together in front of a streaming service or in separate homes on individual computer screens.
  8. Have people send digital greetings: Create a delightful surprise for your loved one by gathering a collection of digital messages from friends and family. Have a variety of people express their love and appreciation. What an encouraging treat that would be!
  9. Buy a technology-forward gift: For those who love having the latest and greatest technology gadget, use this Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to treat a special person in your life with a gift they’ll use and remember for years to come.
  10. Make a modern “mix tape:” Everyone has their favorite streaming music service. Use it to create a playlist for your loved ones this Valentine’s Day that expresses your love for them in song.
  11. Have a video conference date: As the pandemic continues, it is still not possible for us to gather as freely as we would like. Make plans for a virtual date via video conference. Eat the same food, light some candles, and plan an activity. Spending time together will make the evening special.
  12. Record a voice memo: Use your phone’s voice memo feature to send a special message using your own voice rather than a text message. Express your love in this personal manner and make the holiday extra special.

Make this Valentine’s special by using technology to up your Valentine’s game. It will create memories and make this year’s holiday like no other.

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